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Taking on the long-gun registry and cyber surveillance


(photo: CP)  Minister Vic Teows listening at a news conference. 

Radio Noon tackles Bill C-19, which will end the long-gun registry and is poised to get third and final reading in the House of Commons.

In Quebec City, politicians from all parties want, at a minimum, the data from the registry saved.

In protest against the Harper government's stance on the registry, PQ leader Pauline Marois read out the names of the 14 women who were killed by a gunman at the Polytechnique more than 20 years ago.

Along with abolishing the long-gun registry, Ottawa is also grappling with cyber surveillance.

The Harper government is proposing wide-sweeping measures to fight child pornography and organized crime.

Critics such as Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia say the Conservatives are going too far. 

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