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Limiting sugar

Radio Noon debates sugar and whether it needs to be regulated, along the lines of alcohol.

si-pop-drink-220-cp-is.jpgAmerican obesity expert Dr. Robert Lustig calls sugar "toxic" and "addictive". He says public health departments and communities need to think about ways to limit over-consumption of sugar. He suggests taxing added sugar or restricting convenience store hours near schools to prevent the long term damage done by our sugar eating habits.

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Here's our interview with Dr. Robert Lustig:

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McGill's Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta calls sugar "a worthwhile factor" in the rise in obesity and heart disease rates. But adds there are other factors, including our sedentary lives. She does agree with launching a debate over sugar. 

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Here's the sugar segment from Radio Noon, including comments from our callers:

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The research by Dr. Robert Lustig and colleagues first appeared in the research journal Nature on Thursday.
The American Beverage Association responded to the article by saying there's a drink and portion size for every occasion and lifestyle.
"We believe providing more options -- not taking them away -- is a better solution to help parents and individuals choose beverages that are right for them and their families," the association said on its website.