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'Lola vs Eric' divorce implications

PC_111019_yf8jy_cour_supreme_8.jpgSupreme Court judges are now weighing the high profile divorce case.

'Lola' and 'Eric' never married. They lived together for seven years and have three children. 'Lola' is now seeking alimony.

(Supreme Court of Canada, photo - courtesy - CP)

Quebec law doesn't allow for spousal support or division of property acquired during a common law relationship. 'Lola' is challenging that.  

The Legal Education Action Fund supports her position. Lawyer Johane O'Hanlon is with the Quebec branch of LEAF. She expects the Supreme Court judges to rule in about 6 months.

She talked with Radio Noon host Bernard St. Laurent:

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Lawyer Jordan Charness fields questions from Radio Noon listeners on what the divorce case could mean for common law couples.

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