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Questions about Same Sex Marriage Legalities


hi-gay-marriage-671406-852-4col.jpgArguments from federal lawyers in a lesbian divorce case in Toronto have created a lot of confusion for same sex couples who chose to get married in Canada because their home countries wouldn't recognize such unions.

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According to the federal lawyers, those couples aren't legally married in Canada, either.

Residency doesn't come up as an issue in getting married, but it does when a couple is getting divorced.

Montrealer William Raillant-Clark says he's "very frustrated" and "very frightened" by the news. Riant-Clarke and his partner come from France and New Zealand. They married in Vancouver in 2004:

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American Dan Savage writes a syndicated column called Savage Love. He says that stance has "real world implications" for himself and his partner. Washington State where he lives considers their union a domestic partnership but, he adds, that's because they were legally married in Canada. Now he's not sure:  

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The Prime Minister said in the morning during an appearance in Nova Scotia that he didn't want to re-open the same sex debate. In the middle of the afternoon, the justice minister issued a statement saying he has asked for clarification of the law.

Here's our full Radio Noon debate on the issue, including reactions from our callers and McGill family law professor Robert Leckey:

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