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New rules for young drivers

Will tougher rules for young drivers make Quebec's roads safer?

Twelve people lost their lives on Quebec roads this weekend. Half of them were under 25.
 According to the SAAQ, Quebec's auto insurance board, 16-to-24-year-olds make up about 10 per cent of drivers in the province, but are involved in 24 per cent of accidents resulting in bodily injury.

Starting this week, it will be easier for young drivers to lose their licence. Drivers will have to be 25 years old to receive the full 15 demerit points. People under 23 you will only have eight points before their licence is revoked. (Click here to see the the details of the new rules.)

Host Bernard St-Laurent speaks to Jean Marie De Koninck, the head of the province's road safety task force, and Chelsea Parasuco is an 18-year-old driver from Beaconsfield. Then he takes calls from listeners to hear their opinion on the new rules.

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