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Autism-vaccine link phone in

The study that linked autism to the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was a "fraud", according to an article published yesterday in the British Medical Journal.

The Lancet retracted the study last year. That journal originally published the study by Andrew Wakefield in 1998, leading millions of parents worldwide to decline or delay giving the vaccine to their children.

The Medical Journal warns that hundreds of thousands of children are now unsheilded against these preventable diseases. It says results of Wakefield's original study have never been replicated, and charges that Wakefield had been paid $675,000 by a law firm planning to launch a class-action suit against the makers of the vaccine.

Nevertheless, some parents here in Quebec remained convinced there is a link between the vaccine and autism.

Today on Radio Noon, we asked our listeners, does this paper by the British Medical Journal change the way you feel about vaccinating your children?

Host Bernard St-Laurent spoke to Carmen Lahaie of Autism Montreal, and Dr. Horatio Arruda, Quebec's Public Health Director.


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