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December 2010 Archives

Traditional healing meets modern science

A group of scientists is looking at traditional aboriginal healing to curb diabetes.

A team from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research is working with elders and traditional healers from the Cree Nation of Mistissini.

Pierre Haddad is a professor of Pharmacology at the Universite de Montreal. He's also the director of the CIHR Team in Aboriginal Anti-diabetic Medicines.

Kathleen Wootton is the former Deputy Chief of the Cree Nation of Mistissini.  

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Rae Spoon on Radio Noon

Rae Spoon is a recent import to Montreal... he moved here full time last month.

And he's performing a dance set tonight at Il Motore for New Year's Eve.

He joined Sabrina in studio.

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Remembering Tony Proudfoot

Former Alouettes star Tony Proudfoot has died.

The former CFL hero had been battling the debilitating disease A-L-S for nearly four years.

He played with the Alouettes for nine seasons...and won two Grey Cups during that time.

He passed away last night surrounded by his family at the palliative care unit of the MUHC.

Dr. Angela Genge is the head of the A-L-S clinic at the Montreal Neurological Institute.

She was Proudfoot's doctor for the last three years.

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Winter reading lists from local publishers

This afternoon on Radio Noon, we decided to get ideas going for your winter reading lists.

And to find a good read you don't have to look any farther than Quebec.

Two English Montreal book publishers joined Sabrina in studio.

Simon Dardick is the co-publisher at Vehicule Press.

Rory Seydel is the director of the Drawn and Quarterly retail store in Montreal's Mile End.

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Random Recipe on Radio Noon

Random Recipe is a Montreal band. They mix jazz, hip-hop, bossa nova and even a little folk.

Frannie Holder sings and plays guitar and Liu-Kong Ha does percussion and keyboard.

They joined Sabrina in studio.

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Phone in: The Challenges of Winter Travel

As we've been hearing in the news... Mother Nature is out in full force this holiday season.

Wintry storms mean cancelled flights, stranded travellers and people losing patience.

Heavy snowfall is unusual in England and Paris, not so much here in Canada. But even here, the winter weather regularly hinders travel plans.

George Berthe is the vice-president of Air Inuit. He joined Sabrina on the line.


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Santosh Lalonde of Bad Uncle

Bad Uncle is a Montreal band that plays blues and folk music.

Santosh Lalonde is the frontman and the group's accordian player.

He joined Sabrina in studio.

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Highlights from the CBC/McGill Youth Choir Gala

Four youth choirs took the stage at Pollack Hall a few weeks ago for the annual CBC - McGill Youth Choir Gala. The Youth Choir Gala has become a holiday tradition here at CBC Montreal, and producer Kelly Rice and artistic director Pat Abbott bring together youth choirs from across Quebec and elsewhere for an amazing concert in front of a live audience. We have highlights from that concert for you and we'll hear from three of the young people you will hear performing ...........

Catherine Hine and Katie Rochford are members of the McGill Conservatory Youth Choir and Matthew D'Urbano is a member of the English Montreal School Board Senior Chorale .......... 

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Iranian-Montrealers Want Political Prisoners Released

The Iranian Women's Association of Montreal is joining the chorus of people denouncing the Iranian government. The incarceration of human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and filmmaker Jafar Panahi are two high profile cases. The group is trying to gather support from Iranian-Montrealers to pressure the Quebec government to intervene .......

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Supreme Court Rules on Pensions Lawsuit For Wounded Vets

The Supreme Court has paved the way for a class-action lawsuit over military veterans' pensions. Col. Michel Drapeau and Col. Pat Stogran provide their analysis of the court's ruling and its implications ......

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Phone-in: What Do You Think Of Canada Post Banning Decorations From Railings?

Canada Post has asked some South Shore residents to remove Christmas decorations from their railings. The corporation says the garlands, lights, and branches can injure mail carriers. They deliver mail to a thousand addresses a day, and they don't need the extra stress. The residents say Canada Post is acting like the Grinch ...

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Phone-in: How Should Montreal Honour Mordecai Richler ?

There is a big debate over how to honour Mordecai Richler, or if he should even be honoured at all. Snowdon councillor Marvin Rotrand has submitted a petition with over 2,300 signatures to City Hall. He wants the city to honor Mordecai Richler by naming a "street, public place, or building in his honor". Plateau Borough Mayor Luc Ferrandez and councillor Alex Norris have said no to renaming a street or park to honour Richler ............

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Radio Noon Farm Panel - Dec. 21, 2010

Jeannie, Bob and Hugh look at the political fall-out after the UPA drops its snowmobile ban, funding crisis at Quebec's last beef slaughterhouse, and coyotes tear apart Jeannie's hay bales ...........

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Phone-In: Are There Enough Family Doctors In Quebec ?

Medical specialists in Quebec are fighting with the province's family doctors. The specialists say Quebecers have enough family doctors, the doctors just need to organize themselves better. But the family doctors say the specialists are misleading Quebecers.....

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The Lunar Eclipse Explained

Early tomorrow morning, the earth will move into position between the sun and the moon, giving rise to a full lunar eclipse.It's also the winter solstice, the day of the year with the fewest hours of sunlight. Andrew Fazekas, The Night Sky Guy, tells us what to expect ....... 

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The Benefits Of Reading In The Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit

As a nurse working with the families of premature infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Montreal Children's Hospital, Jan Lariviere saw first hand how hard it was for parents to connect in any way with their child .... so she did something about it.

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Phone-in: Should Premiers Be Forced To Resign After Two Terms ?

PQ leader Pauline Marois believes she's found a new way to raise political standards in Quebec. She wants to limit a premier's time in office to 10-years or two elections. The oppostion parties call the proposal political opportunism. They say setting term limits would take away the fundamental right of people to express their support for the candidate of their choice .....

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Phone-In: How Responsible Is RBC For The Earl Jones Swindle ?"

A group of about 40 Montrealers are in front of the head office of the Royal Bank in Toronto.They are all victims of former financial advisor Earl Jones. The former clients have filed a class-action suit against RBC. We speak with one of the demonstrators and with a spokesperson for RBC......


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Radio Noon Farm Panel - Dec. 14, 2010

Jeannie, Bob and Hugh are joined by Frederic Sauriol of l'Union Paysanne to discuss whether farmers should allow access to their fields by snowmobile clubs. Also, organic farmer Russell Pocock joins the panel to look at the marketing confusion between "natural" and "organic".
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Quebec Government Announces New Measures To Promote French In The Workplace

Another move by the Quebec government to incite businesses with fewer than 50 employees to function in French. "Carrefour Francisation" is an internet portal designed to help those businesses function in French. There are also measures to encourage foreign students and immigrant business owners to improve their french. Kathleen Weil is Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities .........

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Coroner Releases Report Into Four Deaths Involving Snow-Clearing Equipment

Two years ago, four people in Montreal were killed by snow-clearing vehicles in three separate incidents.

Today coroner Luc Malouin released his report into those deaths.

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John Rennie High School Students Food Drive

john rennie 1.jpgStudents from John Rennie High School in Pointe Claire hold a food drive for Dans La Rue and try to set a Guiness record at the same time ....

Laura Barnett and Kassandra Berardelli volunteer at the John Rennie High School food drive.

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Sex Education Returns To The Classroom

Starting in September, formal sex education classes will be coming back to elementary and high schools across Quebec. The move comes after a series of recommendations by an all-party National Assembly committee on education and culture. Sarah Odell is coordinator of the sex education project named the "Sense Project" at Head and Hands - a community organization working with youth in western Montreal ....... 

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The English Montreal School Board Looks To Cut Its "Bilingual" French Program

Parents are angry with the English Montreal School Board because the EMSB wants to drop the bilingual teaching program. Right now parents can put their kids in three programs - "core" English where about a third of the teaching is in French; "bilingual" where about half of the teaching in French; or the "immersion" program where almost 70 percent of the teaching is in French. Parents are taking their fight to a special board meeting tonight. Angela Mancini is chair of the English Montreal School Board .........

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Radio Noon Farm Panel - Dec. 7, 2010

Jeannie, Bob and Hugh look at the latest skirmish between the UPA and agriculture minister Laurent Lessard over access to snowmobile routes and income stabilization ....
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Interview: Communities On The Gaspe Coast Hit By Huge Waves

Twenty communities along the Gaspe coast have been hit hard by high seas and huge waves. In the town of Maria, several families were forced to leave their homes. Gilles Gagne is the editor of the Gaspe Spec newspaper .....

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Interview With Alexa Conradi On The 21st Anniversary Of The Polytechnique Massacre

Alexa Conradi, president of the Quebec Federation of Women, holds a special event to mark the 21st anniversary of the Polytechnique massacre and unveils the organization's "12 days of action" campaign ....


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Anglican church deconsecrated because of damage done by ghost hunters

Archdeacon Edward Simonton has deconsecrated an Anglican church in the Laurentians.
He's doing so because of problems caused, he says, by people who believe the church is haunted.
The church is the last standing building in an abandoned Laurentian pioneer town.
Now - thanks to rumours circulating on the internet - it is targetted by ghost hunters who hold seances and vandalize the building.

Bernard St-Laurent spoke to the Archdeacon on Friday.

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Bernard St-Laurent on his Christmas carolling tradition


Come take the CBC Carolling Challenge! For details, visit our Sing In website.

HIV and STIs on the rise in Montreal

Yesterday was World AIDS day, and we've been hearing a lot about the disease this week.
But a new report from Montreal's Public Health Department says we're not making a lot of progress fighting the disease.
It says new sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, are on the rise.
Dr. Richard Lessard is the Director of the Montreal Public Health Department.
And Anthony Buccitelli is the coordinator of their Prevention and Education at AIDS Community Care Montreal.

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Alouettes Welcomed Home

The Montreal Alouettes were welcomed home earlier today with a big parade in Montreal.

Their Grey Cup victory had people celebrating across the province.

Ian Breck used to coach the Bishop's Gaiters. For that work he won the Frank Tindell Award as best Canadian university coach.

His wife Cathy has taken a referee course, and she's helped Ian coach Bantam Football at Alexander Galt High School in Lennoxville.

Bernard St-Laurent talked to them as they watched the parade from their home in Lennoxville.

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