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Prescription for Resilience: Coping with COVID

White Coat, Black Art

The global pandemic has led to devastating loss and isolation for Canadians and people around the world. The challenges have been immense, and we are all looking for ways to cope. One of the greatest resources we have right now is one another.

Prescription for Resilience: Coping with COVID is a special series of stories presented by CBC Radio One’s White Coat, Black Art. Canadians share what they have done to cope and where they have found resilience in their daily lives, in both big and small ways. The hope is that these stories will provide inspiration that can be applied to your own life.

Some of these stories will be featured in the White Coat, Black Art programs | Listen: Part one | Part two airs February 27.

Sheila White, 97, stays active and connected to her community throughout the pandemic.

Life is nothing but one option: to keep moving, to wake up every morning and start chasing your dream again. Hassan Al Kontar A former Syrian refugee, Al Kontar made headlines around the world in 2018 when he was stranded in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport for nearly seven months. He says his time in the airport taught him many of the survival skills that have helped him cope with the current pandemic.


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