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The Shadows


Kaitlin is a young artist struggling to make great work and find great love. She believes that the love depicted in Hollywood movies is real and that she will be one of the lucky ones to find it. When Kaitlin falls for someone who challenges her romantic ideal, she is faced with an impossible choice and a decision that can't be unmade.

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"When love beckons to you, follow [it]
And when [its] wings enfold you yield to [it],
Though the sword hidden among [its] pinions may wound you.
For even as love crowns you so shall [it] crucify you.
Even as [it] is for your growth so is [it] for your pruning."

— Kahlil Gibran, On Love

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.”

— Rumi

“Love is being there every day, to keep someone warm, to hold them through the night, to make them feel cozy.”

— Sweater

"Romantics value intensity over stability. Realists value security over passion. But both are often disappointed, for few people can live happily at either extreme.”

— Esther Perel, Mating in Captivity

“A decided heart looks for a solution. An undecided heart looks for a way out.”

— Tom, a regular at the Bramasole Diner

“With every commitment there is much that it rejects. Much that it excludes.”

— Adam Phillips, Unforbidden Pleasures

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Kaitlin Prest's work in podcasting, performance and installation has been featured at audio festivals and conferences around the world. She was the creator and host of Radiotopia’s The Heart, where she explored intimacy through innovative approaches to sound and storytelling. She is the winner of the Prix Italia, Third Coast International Audio Award and is a Peabody Award Finalist. On The Shadows, Kaitlin brings together some of her most talented collaborators from her work on The Heart — audio/installation artist Phoebe Wang, screenwriter/performance artist Sharon Mashihi and composer Shani Aviram.

The Team

Senior Producer: Phoebe Wang

Phoebe Wang is a multidisciplinary artist and curator who works primarily in sculpture, installation and sound. Phoebe formerly produced live events at The Moth and is a member of The Heart. In 2018, she won an NLGJA Excellence in Journalism Award and a Third Coast International Audio Award.

Editor: Sharon Mashihi

Sharon Mashihi makes podcasts, movies and performances. Sharon believes that the only form of true love is to hold someone’s hand while they make great art. As an editor, she pushes for strong story structure and to help create the context where wild ideas feel natural, even inevitable. As a writer, Sharon tries to find good editors. Previous podcast projects include The Heart, Stranglers and United States of Music. As a screenwriter and story editor, Sharon’s recent projects include The Ticket and Madeline’s Madeline. This year, Sharon was awarded a MacDowell Fellowship and won a Third Coast International Audio Award. Next year, Sharon will launch a new podcast series.

Music Composition / Associate Sound Designer: Shani Aviram
Associate Producer: Yasmine Mathurin
Digital Producer: Olivia Pasquarelli
Design: Adriana Komura

Principal Performers:

Mitchell Akiyama
Johnny Spence

CBC Podcasts

Senior Director of Audio Innovation: Leslie Merklinger
Executive Producer: Arif Noorani
Senior Producer: Tanya Springer
Producer: Cesil Fernandes
Digital Producer: Fabiola Melendez Carletti
Video Producer: Evan Aagaard

Appearances by: Mac Cameron, Raven Cassell, Meagan Castle, Eliot Feenstra, Cesil Fernandes, Ian Field Stewart, Zakiya Gibbons, Terry Gross, Max Kelly, Harry Knazan, Bekky O’Neill, Jesse Orr, Olivia Pasquarelli, Josh Bloch, Mary Stinson, Fabiola Melendez Carletti, Greg Prest, Nancy Prest, Natalie Prest, Boom Salvador,  Veronica Simmonds, Tanya Springer, Rizz Young

Advisory Board / Script Development: Mooj Zadie, Dylan Gauche, Jonathan Mitchell, Greg Wong, Rae Dooley

Special Thanks: Armen Bazarian, Grace Finlayson, Maddy Eddy, Bianca Giaever, Matt Grayson, Robin Luckwaldt, Julia Murphy, Rasha Shehata, Megan Tan, The School of Making and Thinking