Samantha Harvey Interview

Samantha Harvey says she thinks of her novel "Dear Thief" as a 'cover' novel for Leonard Cohen's song 'Famous Blue Raincoat'.
(Matt Lincoln)
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The Guardian says of Samantha Harvey's new book; " Dear Thief is written in the same key as [Leonard Cohen's 'Famous Blue Raincoat'] – a minor and melancholic one, which captures a heady, elegiac combination of eroticism and loss."

"With twenty six letters you can create anything you like - any person, any world, any place, any emotion.  And they are so potent, so powerful, and at the same time they're marks on the page and that's all.  There's nothing else to them." - Samantha Harvey

The music to close the Samantha Harvey Interview:

Cut # 6 : "One of Us Cannot be Wrong"
Composer: Leonard Cohen
Performer: Scott Pettipas
Label:  MELODIC TWILIGHT 20100001

Samantha Harvey's novel, Dear Thief is available in Canada from Raincoast Books.