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Nick Hornby Interview

​This week's guest, Nick Hornby, is a big fan of last week's guest, Anne Tyler (and vice versa). A very exclusive mutual admiration society.
Nick Hornby and Eleanor Wachtel
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​British novelist Nick Hornby's new novel posits an alternative reality in which Britain has its own Lucille Ball-type actress​, their own Funny Girl

The music to close the ​Nick Hornby​ Interview 
(This is one of the songs that Hornby wrote about in his 2003 essay collection, "Songbook")​
Cut #  ​5​: " ​Samba Pa Ti​"
Composer:   ​Carlos Santana​
Performer:   ​Santana​
Label:   ​COLUMBIA/LEGACY CK 65561​

​Funny Girl is published by ​Penguin ​Canada.   Nick Hornby's collection of essays Ten Years in the Tub: A Decade Soaking in Great Books is published by Believer Books.​