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Caryl Phillips riffs on Wuthering Heights in his new novel

Caryl Phillips knew very early in life that he liked adjectives. He says that he loved sparkling words - glistening, glittering, glimmering.
Caryl Phillips (C: Mariana Cook)

J. M. Coetzee has said of Caryl Phillips that his body of work had "a single aim: remembering what the West would like to forget."  His new novel The Lost Child examines the origins of Heathcliffe, Emily Bronte's mysterious hero, intertwined with a modern story about a troubled single mother living in Yorkshire.

"I have to believe it's going to be solved, otherwise why am I writing?  Why am I thinking, why am I talking?  If I embraced pessimism then I may as well stop writing." - Caryl Phillips on race relations

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Caryl Phillips's new novel, The Lost Child, is published by Farrar Strauss & Giroux.  His book of essays, Colour Me English is published by the New Press.