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Chinese writer Yan Ge finds solace in creating literary worlds

The Sichuan-born fiction writer spoke with Eleanor Wachtel about identity, loss and the nature of being human.

Novelist Sebastian Barry explores the personal stories behind Ireland's political history

His latest book, Old God's Time, is longlisted for this year's Booker Prize.

Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland examines moral choice in an immoral world

Her latest film, Green Border, will premiere in North America at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Zadie Smith on writing, family and her addiction to reading

Eleanor Wachtel spoke to the acclaimed British writer in 2010 about her essay collection Changing My Mind.

John le Carré on his legacy as a spy-turned-novelist

Eleanor Wachtel travelled to London in 2017 to chat with the bestselling British author about his storied career and the book A Legacy of Spies. le Carré died on Dec. 12, 2020.

Oliver Sacks on how an unconventional childhood shaped his love of science

The British author and neurologist's books explored the depths of human consciousness, blending philosophy with medicine. Eleanor Wachtel spoke to Sacks four times over the course of his career.

Toni Morrison on family bonds, race and coping with personal tragedy

The celebrated American writer was known for her powerful, sensuous prose and for blazing a path — and creating a space — for Black writers and thinkers. 

American poet Mark Strand was known for meditative, spare verse that was anything but simple

The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet writer spoke with Eleanor Wachtel in 1999.

Julian Barnes on love, loss and Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich

Eleanor Wachtel spoke with the beloved novelist, essayist and art critic on stage at the Bluma Appel Salon in Toronto in 2016.

How two young women captured the voices of literary greats and became audiobook pioneers

Eleanor Wachtel spoke with Barbara Holdridge and Marianne Mantell in 2002.

Edwidge Danticat on family, migration and the beauty of her home country, Haiti

Danticat spoke with Eleanor Wachtel in 2007.

Britain's literary power couple Margaret Drabble and Michael Holroyd turn the lens on their own lives

The two discussed their own family stories in a 2001 interview.

A family affair: remembering the personal side of Martin Amis and his father, Kingsley

This summer, as Writers & Company wraps up after a remarkable 33-year run, Eleanor Wachtel presents ten of her favourite episodes chosen from the show’s archive.

Celebrating Writers & Company: 33 years of exceptional interviews with the incomparable Eleanor Wachtel

Writers & Company presents its last original episode, an onstage celebration of the program’s legacy and the remarkable career of its host and co-founder, Eleanor Wachtel.

Writers worldwide bid Eleanor Wachtel and Writers & Company farewell

Zadie Smith, George Saunders, Salman Rushdie and others say goodbye to Eleanor Wachtel on her final original episode of Writers & Company.

Leila Slimani fuses imagination and memory in novels inspired by her French Moroccan family

Slimani's new novel, Watch Us Dance, picks up the story in an independent Morocco in the late 1960s and early 1970s — a time when political repression and social optimism were coming head to head.

For prize-winning poet and novelist Michael Ondaatje, every book is an act of discovery

Beloved Canadian poet and novelist Michael Ondaatje spoke with Eleanor Wachtel about his storied career.

U.S. poet laureate Ada Limón celebrates nature, family and human connection in The Hurting Kind

Limón's sixth collection, The Hurting Kind, is shortlisted for the $130,000 Griffin Poetry Prize.

Eleanor Wachtel saying goodbye to Writers & Company after 33 remarkable years

The final original episode of the celebrated literary CBC Radio program will air on June 25, 2023.

From Antarctica to Zanzibar — Sara Wheeler on 40 years of adventure in her new book, Glowing Still

Sara Wheeler spoke to Eleanor Wachtel about her latest book, Glowing Still.

Maestro Daniel Barenboim on his life in music — and its role in bringing cultures together

Daniel Barenboim spoke to Eleanor Wachtel about his lifelong passion for music, in a conversation recorded in 2008 from Milan.

Vesna Goldsworthy on re-imagining The Great Gatsby and Anna Karenina

Inspired by literary classics, Vesna Goldsworthy’s novels engage with life in London through the lens of Eastern European and Russian characters.

Max Porter blurs the line between dream and reality in his compelling, inventive fiction

The British novelist speaks with Eleanor Wachtel about his latest novel, Shy.

Pulitzer Prize winner Carol Shields brought a fresh perspective to the lives of women

Revisit Eleanor Wachtel's final conversation with the late American Canadian novelist and short story writer.

Ukraine's Andrey Kurkov on shock, optimism and the resilience of ordinary people

The Ukrainian author spoke with Eleanor Wachtel about his new book Diary of an Invasion — and about being at the forefront of a 21st century war.