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Ex-ND Britt Hermes on why she quit naturopathy

A former naturopathic doctor becomes an anti-naturopathy crusader.
Former naturopathic doctor, Britt Marie Hermes, left the profession after she says she realized she was trained in a pseudoscience. ((Provided by Britt Marie Hermes))

Britt Hermes was 23-years-old when she started Bastyr University, a naturopathic college in Washington state. She says she was idealistic and thought "she could change the way health-care was provided on a global scale".

When she graduated from the four-year course and began practicing as a licensed naturopath, she says that "I did not feel ready to take care of patients on my own".

She became disillusioned with naturopathy "Over time I became more and more aware of how much I didn't know and I became more aware of how unprepared I was to handle even the most of primary care problems."

"I was definitely in over my head.".

Britt quit her practice. She is now working towards her Master of Science in bio-medicine.