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I'm a grown-up. What vaccines do I need?

Conversations about vaccines usually centre on children. But what vaccinations do you need as an adult? Family doctor and vaccine researcher Dr. Iris Gorfinkel joins Dr. Brian Goldman to give you the dose on adult vaccines for diseases ranging from shingles to HPV.
Family doctor Iris Gorfinkel explains which vaccines adults need on this week's episode of The Dose. (Iris Gorfinkel)

We've been hearing a lot about vaccinations recently, as health officials battle a disturbing rise in cases of measles and other diseases. These conversations usually centre on reminding parents why it's so important to have their children vaccinated — but what about adults? Grown-ups need vaccinations too, and data from the Public Health Agency of Canada suggests that most of us think we're up to date with our shots — but we're not.  This week on The Dose, host Dr. Brian Goldman talks to family physician and researcher Dr. Iris Gorfinkel for a primer on what vaccines we need as adults, when  we need them and why we're falling behind in keeping up with potentially lifesaving immunizations. 

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