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If pot use increases, government should amend legislation, says CMAJ

An editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says Canada should actively monitor the use of cannabis following legalization. Dr.Brian Goldman (@NightshiftMD) explains why.
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The secret to improving health care

The best fixes for Canada's health-care system may come from a source that's almost never consulted. @NightshiftMD says the answer may surprise you.

The trouble with hospitalized seniors

A staggering number of hospitalized seniors are readmitted shortly after discharge from hospital. @NightshiftMD says a study suggests important gaps in health care.
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Who to blame for Europe's measles problem

More than 41,000 children and adults across Europe have been infected with measles this year alone. @NightshiftMD assesses the risk to Canadians.
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How media reports can fuel 'suicide contagion'

How should journalists cover high-profile suicides? @NightshiftMD says there is a way that encourages people to seek help.

Take a quick online test to discover your risk of heart attack or stroke

@NightshiftMD found out he needs to eat a lot more carrots and cut down on the potatoes.

The case for decriminalizing drugs in Canada

Officials in Toronto and Vancouver say Canada should decriminalize possession of drugs for personal use. @NightshiftMD explains why.

Read this if you do shift work

Night shift workers face increased risk of obesity, diabetes and even cancer. @NightshiftMD says the problem has more to do with when you eat than when you sleep.

Does your doctor think you're a 'difficult' patient?

What's the problem with being labelled by your doctor as a "difficult" patient? @NightshiftMD thinks it's an unfortunate label that may put your health at risk.
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Get ready for Lyme disease

Lyme disease is on the rise in Canada. @NightshiftMD tells you what you need to know about it.

Canadian hospitals take too long to fix broken hips

Most Canadians get their broken hips fixed beyond the recommended 24-hour window. @NightshiftMD explains what's at stake.

Screen all baby boomers for hepatitis C, says new guideline

For the first time in Canada, doctors are recommending testing all baby boomers for hepatitis C. @NightshiftMD says the new guideline will save lives.

Paramedics' visits to 911 'hotspots' reduce ambulance calls, study suggests

Paramedic-run clinics in low-income apartments reduce 911 calls & improve the health of the people who live there. @NightshiftMD has the results of a new study.

Should number of appointments by family doctors be capped? Medical community weighs in

The British Medical Association thinks general practitioners should put a limit on the number of patients they see in a day. @NightshiftMD wonders if that would fly in Canada.
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The risk of vaginal birth after C-section

A new Canadian study finds that vaginal birth after C-section carries a somewhat higher risk of complications.
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Here's how to live up to 10 years longer

Five things you can do right now that may add more than a decade to your life. Dr. Brian Goldman, @NightshiftMD has the answers.
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When it comes to antidepressants, getting to zero proves difficult

If you’ve found it nearly impossible to get off antidepressants, you aren’t alone. @NightShiftMD assesses the risk and what to do about it.
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Getting help for burned-out doctors

A new U.S. charter on physician well-being aims to reduce rates of burnout. @NightshiftMD says the health-care system needs some healing too.

The pitfalls of consumer breast cancer gene testing

Consumer genetics company 23andMe is offering breast cancer testing without going to your doctor. @NightshiftMD tells you if it's worth it.
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Should doctors recommend acupuncture?

Some doctors recommend it. Others call it quackery. Dr. Brian Goldman, @NightshiftMD weighs in on an increasingly polarizing debate.
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New opioid guidelines may help more patients get treatment

There are new opioid addiction guidelines. But will they help reduce overdose deaths in Canada? Dr. Brian Goldman (@NightshiftMD) gives his analysis.
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Is there a doctor on board?

More and more passengers need medical assistance during commercial flights. @NightshiftMD asks if airlines are prepared.
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Doctors are finally helping stop superbugs

A new kind of thinking is helping curb the over-prescribing of antibiotics. @NightshiftMD explains why doctors are finally starting to get the message.

The other side of PTSD

White Coat, Black Art is looking for stories about cancer survivors and other former patients who suffer from PTSD.
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Should your doctor ask what's on your bucket list?

Patients hate talking about death. But a bucket list is something different. @NightshiftMD on the better way to frame a difficult conversation.