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Dr. Brian Goldman is a veteran ER physician and an award-winning medical reporter. As host of CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art, he uses his proven knack for making sense of medical bafflegab to show listeners what really goes on at hospitals and clinics. He is the author of The Night Shift and The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy is Essential in Everyday Life.

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First Person

I'm the last surviving member of my family. It's a different grief than I've ever known

After losing his sister, Joanne Orliffe, in January which left him the last surviving member of the family he grew up in, Dr. Brian Goldman reflects on his experience and coping with grief.
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A step closer to eliminating cervical cancer by 2040

A single dose of HPV vaccine may be effective against cervical cancer and could make it easier to achieve the goal of eliminating the disease.
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The health cost of being poor

People living in low-income neighbourhoods are at higher risk of dying from preventable diseases than people in more affluent circumstances. But it's reversible.
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Why a growing number of cancers may best be left untreated

New research from Australia concludes that more and more people are being diagnosed with 'harmless cancers' that don't require chemotherapy or surgery.
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Good nutrition means longer life, says Canadian study

Not knowing where your next meal is coming from could shave as much as nine years from your lifespan.
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A blood test that predicts the risk of dying

Doctors have uncovered a simple blood test that predicts the imminent risk of death in frail seniors. The implications go beyond one patient's life.

Aerobic exercise helps your brain too, says study

Aerobic exercise is good for your heart. A study shows how regular exercise rebuilds brain tissue and plausibly may help stave off dementia.
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Long-term breast cancer survivors face unexpected challenges

A new U.S. study finds that women with breast cancer are surviving long enough to die of causes not related to the cancer.
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Stroke prevention begins in the ER says Canadian study

Blood thinners are a proven medication to prevent strokes in patients who have irregular heartbeats. Emergency physicians may be in the best position to make sure patients start taking their medicine.
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Non-opioid pain relievers misused too says study

The risk of addiction to opioid pain relievers is well known. Turns out the misuse of two non-opioid drugs used for pain is a growing problem too.