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Some health-care workers still hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine

Hesitancy among some health-care workers about getting the COVID-19 vaccine may sound surprising given the risk they've faced during the pandemic and their important role in preventing its spread. But it shouldn't be, says an infectious disease specialist.
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How worried should I be about my kids spending so much time online during the pandemic?

As kids' screen time soars during the pandemic, experts say there could be serious long-term physical, mental and emotional consequences — but treating tech like nutrition can help parents: consume healthy tech, limit junk tech, and eliminate the toxic.

Prescription for Resilience: We want to hear from you

We want you to tell us about the kind of challenges you’ve faced during the pandemic, and what you did to find resilience, so we can share it with others looking for guidance and inspiration.

'Like the roaring '20s,' but not for everyone: What history tells us about life after COVID-19

Post-COVID life will eventually be “like the roaring ’20s” that followed the 1918 influenza pandemic, but it’ll be a bumpy ride to get there, says a doctor and medical sociologist who studies the impact of pandemics.
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Is 'Dry January' during the pandemic a good idea?

Considering taking some time off from alcohol? Addictions specialist Dr. Peter Selby says booze breaks like "Dry January" are a good idea, especially in light of a new study showing Canadians are binge-drinking during the pandemic.

From Tiger King to Dr. Pimple Popper, our medical panel's prescription to escape pandemic stress

Dr. Brian Goldman and a panel of health-care professionals share their binge-watching picks that help them cope in 2020.

'It's not what you see in the movies': Doctor demystifies dying

Author and physician Dr. Kathryn Mannix says health-care workers have to get comfortable with having frank conversations with patients when death is imminent, so they can be prepared.

Program that convinces new parents to vaccinate kids could work for COVID-19 shots, too, experts say

A program that puts vaccine counsellors right in hospital birthing centres may hold key lessons for getting vaccine-hesitant Canadians to roll up their sleeves for COVID-19 immunization, experts say.

Now that the first COVID vaccine is here, what do I need to know?

The arrival of the first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada is a milestone that raises many questions and there's already a lot of misinformation out there. Dr. Caroline Quach, chair of Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), gives us the science-based facts.

Fauci confident vaccines can 'crush' COVID — if vaccine hesitancy doesn't get in the way

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease specialist in the United States, says the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are so effective they could "crush" the COVID-19 pandemic — as long as vaccine hesitancy doesn't get in the way.

How can I stay mentally and emotionally healthy as COVID disrupts the holidays?

The longer we live with COVID-19, the more clear its toll on our mental health becomes. Now we're facing yet another emotional challenge: a holiday season when we must hunker down to prevent the spread of the virus. Psychology professor Steve Joordens offers guidance on how to cope.

COVID-19 hotspot Brampton, Ont., chronically underfunded in community health services, local advocate says

Brampton, Ont., didn't get to be a pandemic hotspot because residents flout the rules, says the head of a local non-profit. It's the poor funding of local health services as well as cultural and economic factors that put the community at high risk.

Mammoth COVID-19 vaccine rollout highlights need for national vaccine registry, some experts say

The COVID-19 crisis and an ambitious vaccine campaign ahead highlight a gaping hole in Canada's health-care system where a cohesive, national vaccine registry should be, some public health experts say.

5 sleep tips from 'veteran insomniac' Dr. Brian Goldman

From the bedroom of the host of The Dose, helpful advice for those frustrating nights when you just can’t seem to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Why do I have insomnia and how can I get my sleep?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, insomnia already affected a significant proportion of Canadians. Now the number of people having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep has skyrocketed. Professor Célyne Bastien, president of the Canadian Sleep Society, joins host Dr. Brian Goldman to offer help.

Fear of racism deters many Indigenous people from seeking medical treatment, says health-care leader

Dr. Cornelia (Nel) Wieman, president of The Indigenous Physicians Association, says many Indigenous people are reluctant to seek medical services for fear of racist treatment, especially following the death of Joyce Echaquan in Quebec.

What do I need to know about schools and the current spike of COVID-19?

Across Canada there is a patchwork of inconsistent conclusions on whether or not schools are contributing to the exponential spread of COVID-19. Amy Greer, Canada Research Chair in Population Disease Modelling, joins The Dose host Dr. Brian Goldman to provide some clear, science-based answers.

COVID outbreaks on farms reveal crack in system that migrant workers slip through, say health-care workers

Another round of COVID-19 outbreaks among migrant workers on Canada’s farms highlights a crack in the health-care system that leaves the people who put food on our tables especially vulnerable, say the medical professionals who provide care to these visiting workers.

What do I need to know as we get closer to a COVID-19 vaccine?

From debunking misinformation about mRNA vaccine technology to how COVID-19 vaccinations would be prioritized for more than 35 million Canadians, here are some answers — as well as clarity on what we don't yet know.

'It's the hardest conversation we can have': Confronting racism in health care

The San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training program uses blunt talk to confront racial bias in Canadian health care, with the goal of making care safer and more accessible for Indigenous patients.

What's a COVID 'circuit breaker' and how can it help get control of the pandemic?

COVID-19 cases continue to rise across Canada — and so does the sense of urgency felt by health-care providers and public health officials. Some physicians are calling for a “circuit breaker” to slow the pandemic surge. Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Lynora Saxinger explains what that means.

Amid Manitoba's COVID-19 surge, First Nations response team leads fight in hard-hit Indigenous communities

Manitoba's Indigenous community is bearing the brunt of an alarming surge in COVID-19 cases.

How did COVID-19 get so bad in Manitoba and what can we learn from that?

After seeming to successfully keep COVID-19 at bay during the first wave, Manitoba has become Canada's unexpected hotspot. Jason Kindrachuk, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Manitoba, explains what's happening and the lessons we can all learn in this phase of the pandemic.

Why this year's flu shot campaign may be a dress rehearsal for a COVID-19 vaccine

White Coat, Black Art's Dr. Brian Goldman talks to three health-care providers about why the flu shot can be hard to come by this year and what that might mean for a possible rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Is it safe to go to my gym or exercise class?

There’s been a lot of talk about gyms lately. A large COVID-19 outbreak was recently tracked back to a fitness studio in Hamilton, Ont. But many gym owners argue that not all fitness facilities are the same. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Zain Chagla explains how we can reduce our risk.