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How virtual therapy is helping people cope with the pandemic's mental health strains

Vancouver psychologist Christine Korol and author Anna Mehler Paperny explain why virtual therapy is helping many people struggling with their mental health.

Show empathy for employees struggling with mental health issues, author says 

The author of Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me: Depression in the First Person talks about how she's coping during the pandemic and offers some suggestions for how others who are feeling socially isolated or depressed can cope.  

How do I keep myself and my loved ones safe as restrictions around self-isolation are lifted?  

As physical distancing, handwashing and staying home have helped to reduce the spread of COVID-19, public health officials are starting to cautiously relax some self-isolation measures. Infectious disease expert Dr. Allison McGeer returns to The Dose with the latest facts about the risks.

Thousands of volunteers come forward to offer mental health support during COVID-19

As Canadians continue to grapple with an unprecedented level of stress as the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, empathy can be an effective coping strategy in maintaining mental wellness, experts say.   

Keep calm and carry on? Promote resilience for better outcomes amid COVID-19 crisis, says CAMH psychiatrist

Dr. Kwame McKenzie talks about how we can look to the past for examples of how to build mental health resilience and what to avoid.

I'm struggling with my mental health because of the ongoing pandemic. What can I do to cope?

As the many stressors inflicted by COVID-19 continue, people may feel their ability to manage emotionally is reaching its limit. Dr. Brian Goldman gets a dose of coping advice from Alisa Simon of Kids Help Phone, which has launched a new service dedicated to supporting adults in addition to youth.
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Dr. Jane Philpott questions role of for-profit long-term care

Dr. Jane Philpott, the former federal health minister, talks to Dr. Brian Goldman about her work at a long-term care facility, caring for patients with COVID-19 and working alongside personal support workers who she says were facing concerning working conditions even before the current crisis.

PSW draws attention to 'burnt out' staff as COVID-19 compounds long-term care crisis

A personal support worker (PSW), who has worked for a decade in long-term care homes, told White Coat, Black Art the COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis on top of an already existing crisis for PSWs.
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What do we really know about kids and COVID-19?

Canadian researchers weigh in on the latest findings about how coronavirus presents in kids, and their risk of transmitting it to each other and to the adults in their lives.

COVID-19 and your mental health: We want to hear from you

We want to hear your stories about how the pandemic has impacted your mental health.

'I'd rather sleep on the street': Homeless cancer patient scared to stay in Toronto's shelters amid COVID-19

Robert Boast, a homeless 60-year-old Toronto man with incurable prostate and colon cancer, told White Coat, Black Art that he is more frightened of catching COVID-19 than dying from cancer.
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Is it safe to go to the ER during COVID-19?

Some Canadians in need of urgent hospital care are staying away due to fears of contracting COVID-19, according to emergency physicians and hospital visit stats. Doctors want them to know it’s safe to seek care.
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Why does a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic give rise to conspiracy theories?

The Dose and Dr. Brian Goldman separate fact from fiction regarding the rumour that COVID-19 spread to humans after it escaped from a lab in China.

Sidelined patients reject being 'collateral damage' because of COVID-19

Canada’s provinces and territories began postponing elective medical and surgical procedures days after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Patients fearful for their health say advocating for care may make a difference.
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What do I need to know about ventilators in light of COVID-19?

The pandemic has put a lot of focus on having enough ventilators to help critically ill patients who struggle to breathe. But they carry risks, and concerns have been raised that — in some COVID-19 cases — ventilators may do more harm than good.

Ban on hospital visitors has profound effect on patients, families

The ban on most hospital visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on patients and their families, caregivers and advocates say.

The Dose bonus: I'm a kid. Can you answer my questions about COVID-19?

Dr. Goldman answers questions about the coronavirus from kids across Canada, with the help of Tai Poole, host of the CBC podcast Tai Ask Why, and Matt Galloway, host of CBC Radio's The Current

Health-care workers face wrenching decisions on how to care for COVID-19 patients

Doctors and other health-care professionals are grappling with the difficult job of caring for patients who won’t survive, tough decisions about who will get a ventilator when equipment runs short and whether they’d want one themselves in the event they become severely ill from novel coronavirus.

If I test negative for COVID-19, am I clear?

We’ve heard a lot of talk about coronavirus tests. But what do the results of a test for such a new virus really tell you? Will there be tests to help determine potential immunity? Infectious disease expert Dr. Jeffrey Pernica joins host Dr. Brian Goldman on this week's episode of The Dose.

The Dose: What you need to know about face masks and food safety

Dr. Goldman talks to 'the germ guy', Jason Tetro. They cover: How to don and doff a mask. The best material for making masks. Should a mask cover your nose? Can hospitals clean masks?  Should you worry about take-out food? Should you share homemade food? Does heat kill the virus on food? Do you need to disinfect every item from the store? Is it safe to handle money? What about pin pads?  Do gloves protect you from anything? 

'I have found out who my heroes are': Scared and lonely, locked-down seniors praise staff

Seniors living in Ontario’s long-term care homes where some residents have been infected with COVID-19 say they are scared and lonely as many facilities enforce physical isolation to curb the virus, but they also praise staff and speak about resilience.

Seniors on COVID-19 front line: how to help them fight loneliness, deal with care homes

From questions to ask a long-term care facility to some advice on minimizing loneliness, here are some key things to consider when thinking about the impact COVID-19 is having Canada's elderly.
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Fact vs. Fiction: Your COVID-19 questions answered on The Dose

Dr. Susy Hota, the Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control at University Health Network in Toronto joins Dr. Brian Goldman to answer 10 questions on COVID-19.

How can I help the senior in my life get through COVID-19?

COVID-19 has taken a devastating toll in Canada, killing several seniors in long-term care homes. Other older Canadians are suffering as they endure the isolation required to keep them safe. Dr. Samir Sinha joins Dr. Brian Goldman to offer advice on how to help seniors through this pandemic.

'This isn't Halloween candy': Infectious disease specialist cautious over drugs touted as COVID-19 treatment

This month U.S. President Trump hailed two drugs as potential treatments for COVID-19. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch weighs in on the hype and the reality behind these medications.