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Prescription for Resilience: How Canadians are coping with COVID

Canadians reveal how they’ve coped with loss and isolation during the pandemic, in big ways and small. From a working mom who got COVID and a CFL player who lost his season, to a 97-year-old who finds hope in daily walks and much more, this is your Prescription for Resilience.
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How faith and family helped CFL player Henoc Muamba cope after losing his mother-in-law to COVID-19

When professional football player Henoc Muamba had his life torn apart by COVID-19, he had to work on his communication and coping skills — and nurturing his many other passions.

How teaching Urdu to her granddaughters gave this grandmother purpose in a pandemic

Retired school teacher Zahida Murtaza was feeling adrift and purposeless during the pandemic. Then one of her granddaughters asked if she could giver her Urdu lessons.
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How running helped me get through pandemic isolation, and the grief of losing my father

After Chantelle Richmond lost her father to cancer in December 2019, the pandemic cut her off from her family and prevented them from holding a traditional ceremony to honour him. She shares how she found comfort in running.

How writing a song a week helps Halifax musician cope with grief

Grieving during the pandemic has been difficult for George Woodhouse, whose father “Big John” died in May, but writing a song a week has helped him honour his father and work through the loss.
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Here's how to help kids build resilience during the pandemic

The pandemic is testing the limits of kids' resilience. But there are proven strategies that can help children cope, even if caregivers and parents feel they’re not coping so well themselves.

Teen shares how eating disorder unfolded as doctors grapple with surge in cases during pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors have seen a surge in eating disorders in children and teens, exacerbating what they say was already a critical mental health issue in Canada.
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How do you know if your mask is working and if the air you're breathing is safe?

With the COVID-19 variants spreading in Canada, infectious disease specialist Dr. Lynora Saxinger joins Dr. Brian Goldman to break down the newest science around masks, with tips on which ones you should be wearing and how to fit them.

Prescription for Resilience: How Canadians are coping with COVID

Canadians reveal how they’ve coped with loss and isolation during the pandemic, in big ways and small. From a working mom who got COVID and a CFL player who lost his season, to a 97-year-old who finds hope in daily walks and much more, this is your Prescription for Resilience.


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How daily walks help this B.C. woman, 97, take the pandemic in stride

For Sheila White, a 97-year-old resident of Summerland, B.C., daily walks have provided the exercise and social interaction she’s needed to keep mind and body healthy during the pandemic.

How 7 months stuck at an airport provided a Syrian refugee with skills to survive a pandemic

A Syrian refugee who spent seven months stranded in an airport before finally making it to Canada shares how the lessons he learned during his darkest hours can help us cope during the ongoing pandemic.
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This Toronto mom was juggling 3 kids, 2 jobs and community work — then she got COVID. Here's how she managed

The pandemic tested Anna-Kay Brown’s "anxiety and limits," but it also brought her family closer together.

How a Calgary musician gave the gift of music to help relieve pandemic anxiety

After losing most of her work to COVID and seeing stress and anxiety in those around her, Calgary concert harpist Gianetta Baril converted a van into a rolling concert hall and toured B.C. and Alberta bringing the gift of music in the form of outdoor concerts at seniors’ residences and in parks and campgrounds.
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How the vaccines we have — and the ones coming next — stack up against COVID-19 variants

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Zain Chagla breaks down everything you need to know about the five leading COVID-19 vaccines and how they work — or don’t — against the variants of concern.

Some with disabilities worry they'll die if they get COVID, say slow vaccine rollout puts them at risk

Provinces have prioritized vaccinating older Canadians in long-term care homes given the troubling number of deadly outbreaks in these facilities. But there’s another high-risk group: the one in five Canadians living with disabilities.
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How has the stress from a difficult year changed your brain and what can you do about it?

Stress changes your brain and has physical, mental and cognitive side effects. Many Canadians report drastically increased stress rates during the pandemic. Psychology professor Leslie Roos joins Dr. Brian Goldman to share proven, evidence based strategies for managing stress and feeling better.

Doctors say they'll continue to speak out despite paying a price

Recently some high profile doctors say they've been targeted for criticizing the Ontario government's pandemic response. Two doctors join Dr. Brian Goldman to explain why they see advocacy as part of their job and why they are committed to speaking out, even when there are professional and personal consequences.
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What are the dos and don'ts of getting the most out of my daily walk?

Doctors say walking is one of the most meaningful things you can do to improve your health because it delivers a powerful range of physiological, cognitive and mental health benefits. So much so that Dr. Jane Thornton actually prescribes walking to her patients.



Doctors could face bleak choices in deciding who gets care in pandemic

As new guidelines are being introduced in Ontario and Quebec, an Italian doctor remembers the challenges of deciding which patients will get treatment. 
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What do I need to know about the new COVID variants?

Infectious disease specialist and virologist Dr. Samira Mubareka says the presence of seemingly more infectious coronavirus variants in Canada is a public health emergency and existing public health rules around social distancing, masks, and hygiene may have to be tightened.

Some health-care workers still hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine

Hesitancy among some health-care workers about getting the COVID-19 vaccine may sound surprising given the risk they've faced during the pandemic and their important role in preventing its spread. But it shouldn't be, says an infectious disease specialist.
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How worried should I be about my kids spending so much time online during the pandemic?

As kids' screen time soars during the pandemic, experts say there could be serious long-term physical, mental and emotional consequences — but treating tech like nutrition can help parents: consume healthy tech, limit junk tech, and eliminate the toxic.

Prescription for Resilience: We want to hear from you

We want you to tell us about the kind of challenges you’ve faced during the pandemic, and what you did to find resilience, so we can share it with others looking for guidance and inspiration.

'Like the roaring '20s,' but not for everyone: What history tells us about life after COVID-19

Post-COVID life will eventually be “like the roaring ’20s” that followed the 1918 influenza pandemic, but it’ll be a bumpy ride to get there, says a doctor and medical sociologist who studies the impact of pandemics.
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Is 'Dry January' during the pandemic a good idea?

Considering taking some time off from alcohol? Addictions specialist Dr. Peter Selby says booze breaks like "Dry January" are a good idea, especially in light of a new study showing Canadians are binge-drinking during the pandemic.