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'It could happen to anyone': This mom recorded her own eulogy to advocate for better cervical cancer screening

Until the day she died, Karla Van Kessel fought for improved measures to prevent cervical cancer, and thanks to her efforts, changes to screening and how women are notified of test results could soon be a reality for some.

What does the flu vaccine have to do with COVID-19?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health officials say getting a flu shot is more important than ever this year. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Danuta Skowronski explains why — and sets the record straight on some common misconceptions.

As COVID-19 cases climb in long-term care homes, experts hope to avoid locking down residents

After a summer reprieve, coronavirus has crept back into long-term care and retirement homes across the country. Experts are hoping to stop its spread through screening and infection control and avoid the devastating lockdowns imposed in the spring.

Confusing COVID-19 advice is undermining public trust; here's how to restore it

Public health officials would be wise to access the help of experts in communication and human behaviour, doctors say.

What are the safe rules for gathering with family and friends?

We’re heading into Thanksgiving weekend in the midst of a resurgence of COVID-19 in Canada. Many of us are craving a gathering with the people we love, but we’re also in a critical phase of this pandemic. Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Lynora Saxinger guides us through some tough decisions.

ER a 'last resort' for sickle cell patients who face racism when seeking care, says advocate

People who have sickle cell disease, one of the most common inherited blood disorders, face racist barriers to appropriate treatment in hospital emergency departments, patients and their physician allies say.

What have we learned about COVID-19 to keep my elderly loved one safe in long-term care this time around?

While the majority of people recently infected with COVID-19 are younger adults, the virus has already made its way back into many of Canada's long-term care and retirement homes. Dr. Samir Sinha explains how what we've learned about COVID-19 can help keep our elderly loved ones safe.

Emma Donoghue 'spooked' by overlapping narratives between her new novel and COVID-19

The Pull of the Stars tells the story of three women — a nurse, a doctor and an activist — in war-ravaged Ireland during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Emma Donoghue spoke with Dr. Brian Goldman, host of White Coat Black Art, about the inspiration for the novel.

More young people are getting COVID-19. How worried should I be?

As many experts feared, the number of COVID-19 cases is rising after flattening out during the summer. The biggest climb is among people under 40. Infectious disease epidemiologist Ashleigh Tuite joins host Dr. Brian Goldman to explain what's happening and why it matters.

'Running on fumes': Amid rising COVID cases, health workers struggle with fatigue, lack of support

Six months into the pandemic, a panel of health professionals talk about spikes in COVID cases, fatigue, and a public growing weary of restrictions.
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What does all this COVID math mean, and how will it affect my life this fall?

The number of new COVID-19 cases has been rising in several parts of Canada and health experts are worried. But what do these daily and weekly totals really mean? What's a "reproduction number?" Dr. David Fisman explains the math and how our actions can change the numbers.

How the pandemic sparked a new program that connects rural Ontarians to rapid-response health care

A new pilot program in rural Ontario is providing health-care services to thousands of people who don't have family doctors — and much of it is being done remotely, partly as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's time to break the taboo around pelvic floor health in Canada, say advocates

Pelvic floor issues are a common health problem, especially after childbirth, but patients and women's health advocates say not enough is being done to educate people.

How can I safely return to work during the pandemic?

COVID-19 put millions of Canadians out of work and sent millions of others home to work from kitchen tables and sofas. Here’s how to navigate a return to in-person work as safely as possible.

What do I need to know about blood pressure and COVID-19?

Dr. Nadia Khan, president of Hypertension Canada, explains possible links between high blood pressure and COVID-19, and tells Dr. Brian Goldman when we really need to worry about high blood pressure.

How many masks should my child take to school? Your back-to-school mask questions answered

In most parts of Canada, kids are heading back to school for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Here, experts answer your most pressing questions about managing masks in school.

How can I send my kids back to school safely — for them and for us?

Pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Nisha Thampi talks to Dr. Brian Goldman about what parents should know about minimizing COVID-19 risk at school, and the role the community can play in keeping schools safe.

As Canadians hope for coronavirus vaccine, many aren't getting immunized against other diseases

As scientists race to develop a vaccine to combat the coronavirus epidemic, many Canadian adults aren't getting taking advantage of vaccinations that are already available to protect them against other serious illnesses, public health experts say.

Q&A: Your mask questions answered

Close to half of Canadians said they rarely or never wear a face mask in public. An infectious disease expert tackles the misinformation behind masks and answers your most pressing questions about their use.
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How safe are my favourite summer activities?

We're all anxious to enjoy the warmer weather, and along with that usually comes drinks on the patio and dips in the pool. But what are the risks during a pandemic? Dr. Lynora Saxinger, an infectious diseases specialist and associate professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Alberta joins Dr. Brian Goldman to weigh in on the safety of our favourite summer activities.

What's the best advice for losing my COVID-19 pounds?

Digging into the emotional roots of comfort eating is key to shedding pounds gained during the COVID-19 crisis, a dietitian and author says.

Can contact-tracing apps really help us beat COVID-19?

Contact-tracing apps can be helpful, but they're not a silver bullet, says Dr. Prabhat Jha, director of the Centre for Global Health Research at St. Michael’s Hospital.

I want life to get back to normal. How close are we to an effective vaccine against COVID-19?

At this unprecedented time, researchers around the world are working toward the common goal of developing a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19. Vaccine expert Dr. Natasha Crowcroft joins The Dose host Dr. Brian Goldman to explain how it's happening and what we need to do in the meantime.

Potential COVID-19 vaccine has re-energized anti-vaccination groups, health experts warn

Anti-vaccination groups have already launched co-ordinated campaigns to foster fear among people who have questions about the safety of potential coronavirus vaccines, and public health officials need to start combating misinformation now, scientists say.
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Dear diary: I'm having a baby at the height of a global pandemic

CBC reporter Marika Wheeler reveals what it's like to have a baby in a hospital at the height of a global pandemic. She shares her concerns about staying safe, and worries that her husband might not be able to be present at the delivery due to hospital restrictions.