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Hum Stayin' Alive while a 911 dispatcher teaches you CPR. Here's how.

Your chance of surviving cardiac arrest goes way up if a bystander starts chest compressions right away. It's so easy to learn, 911 dispatchers teach it to callers by phone.

Dense breast awareness has skyrocketed in the past year, says advocate

Public awareness about how women's breast density can affect their health has significantly improved over the last year, but there's still much work to be done, says Dense Breasts Canada co-founder Jennie Dale.

Stories that made a difference

White Coat, Black Art takes a look at stories that made a difference and one story that had a ripple effect in how women are screened for breast cancer.
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Withdrawing life-support in critically-ill adults with brain injuries

Families often agonize over when to withdraw life support in critically-ill loved ones with severe brain injuries. So do doctors, says a new Canadian study.

Amid U.S. anti-abortion laws, 1 of Canada's earliest pro-choice doctors says 'you always have to be on guard'

Dr. May Cohen, who fought for legal access to abortion, says that the fight for women's rights and access to safe abortion is never over.

'It's not the dream they had': Futures shattered by overdose-related brain damage

Survivors of fentanyl-related overdoses are largely forgotten, according to doctors and advocates, even as they're left struggling to deal with the life-changing aftermath.

Surprising lack of confidence in doctors, U.S. poll suggests

Most surveys say Canadians put a lot of trust in their doctors, but Americans may not feel the same way. Dr. Brian Goldman has the results of a revealing new poll.

'I could do it all so well before': Patients struggle with brain injury after fentanyl overdose

Advocates say more support is needed for opioid overdose survivors left with brain damage.

Organ donation after medical assistance in dying offers possibilities

A proposed new set of guidelines could enable Canadian patients to consent to medical aid in dying and organ donation in one go.

Surprising number of people with pancreatic cancer may miss out on life-prolonging treatment

Do patients with pancreatic cancer know their options?

Food as medicine: How this Newfoundland community got 'hooked' on plant-based eating

A growing number of people have moved away from eating meat after attending workshops in the Burin Peninsula run by two local doctors who champion a plant-based diet.

Why Planta chef David Lee takes a 'non-vegan' approach to plant-based eating

Lee talks about what started his path towards plant-based eating and what goes into building his restaurant's bestselling beet and lentil burger.

Doctors who champion low-carb, high-fat diets go against the grain

Meet three doctors who eat a low-carb, high-fat diet, and find out why they'd like to see it more commonly prescribed to patients who are facing metabolic disease, even though some critics call it a fad.
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Early appointments mean better care from your GP

If your doctor doesn't screen you for cancer, you may be booking the wrong appointment time slot.

'I'm taking my life back': This Ontario man is defying the odds of incurable brain cancer

Denis Raymond has the same aggressive and incurable brain cancer that killed Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie, but so far he is defying the grim odds of survival.

Health professionals face an increased risk of suicide. Let's confront it.

Suicide is an occupational hazard for physicians and other health professionals with implications for the health-care system.

Why doctors face an uphill battle when fighting against workplace harassment and bullying

Dr. Gabrielle Horne spent 14 years fighting to restore her reputation after being bullied and harrassed by senior doctors. She won a landmark victory in court, but experts say most doctors shy away from court battles as the costs, personal and professional, are too high.

Hospitals helping patients recover faster from surgery

Chewing gum following surgery helps patients get out of hospital sooner. Seriously.

Meet the paramedic with a side hustle as the town mortician

In his hybrid working world, Matthew Sias has found himself acting as paramedic and mortician on the same day with the same person.

Laughing over spilled Jell-O: a radical prescription for loneliness in seniors

Why a 92-year-old woman now sees her roomate, 23, as a daughter.

Mandatory added sugar labelling may benefit health

A study suggested that mandatory added sugar labelling for packaged foods may improve health and save lives.

Are mandatory vaccination orders the best way to fight measles outbreaks?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a mandatory vaccination policy in parts of Brooklyn this week, after nearly 300 measles infections were confirmed last fall. New York Times reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr says enforcing such an order will prove challenging.

Measles is making a comeback. So how did we get here?

In a bonus podcast you can stream here, the New York Times science reporter Donald G. McNeil talks to Dr. Brian Goldman about the newly-declared public health emergency in New York City, prompted by the measles outbreak in an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. And he sheds light on the resurgence of the disease around the world.

Early detection could avert the dangers of sepsis

When it comes to diagnosing life-threatening sepsis, minutes count. A new way to help doctors clue in to the deadly diagnosis could save lives.

'I didn't think I could have a baby': Toronto pregnancy clinic supports women with disabilities

Christine Lumilan, a mother with cerebral palsy, and Dr. Anne Berndl are breaking down barriers — medical and physical — to motherhood for disabled women. But they’re also challenging a culture which has been slow to accept the idea that disabled women can be mothers.

Laughing over spilled Jell-O: a radical prescription for loneliness in seniors

Why a 92-year-old woman now sees her roomate, 23, as a daughter.