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'I have found out who my heroes are': Scared and lonely, locked-down seniors praise staff

Seniors living in Ontario’s long-term care homes where some residents have been infected with COVID-19 say they are scared and lonely as many facilities enforce physical isolation to curb the virus, but they also praise staff and speak about resilience.

Seniors on COVID-19 front line: how to help them fight loneliness, deal with care homes

From questions to ask a long-term care facility to some advice on minimizing loneliness, here are some key things to consider when thinking about the impact COVID-19 is having Canada's elderly.
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Fact vs. Fiction: Your COVID-19 questions answered on The Dose

Dr. Susy Hota, the Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control at University Health Network in Toronto joins Dr. Brian Goldman to answer 10 questions on COVID-19.

How can I help the senior in my life get through COVID-19?

COVID-19 has taken a devastating toll in Canada, killing several seniors in long-term care homes. Other older Canadians are suffering as they endure the isolation required to keep them safe. Dr. Samir Sinha joins Dr. Brian Goldman to offer advice on how to help seniors through this pandemic.

'This isn't Halloween candy': Infectious disease specialist cautious over drugs touted as COVID-19 treatment

This month U.S. President Trump hailed two drugs as potential treatments for COVID-19. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch weighs in on the hype and the reality behind these medications.

How can I manage my addiction during COVID-19?

People battling addiction can be especially vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the emotional stress can leave many struggling to avoid relapse, while physical distancing can make it tougher to access critical recovery supports and services.

COVID-19: How can I manage my anxiety and take care of my mental health?

We’ve all been talking a lot about how to protect our physical health in the COVID-19 pandemic. But this anxiety-provoking new reality can also take an enormous toll on our mental health. Dr. Brian Goldman talks with psychiatrist Dr. Peter Selby to get a dose of helpful guidance and insight.

Confused about Covid-19? The Dose answers your questions

Dr. Goldman and infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch separate fact from fiction on the coronavirus.

'These are historic numbers': How one Toronto hospital is preparing to battle COVID-19

North York General Hospital, one of Toronto’s busiest health-care facilities, is preparing for an influx of COVID-19 patients as the number of infections continues to climb day after day across the province.

What do I need to know about COVID-19 and blood pressure?

There have been stories circulating suggesting a connection between blood pressure medication and how people fare if they get COVID-19. Dr. Nadia Khan, president of Hypertension Canada clears up some misinformation and tells Dr. Goldman when we really need to worry about high blood pressure.

'It's not what you see in the movies': Doctor demystifies dying

Author and physician Dr. Kathryn Mannix says health-care workers have to get comfortable with having frank conversations with patients when death is imminent, so they can be prepared.

COVID-19: The latest guidance for Canadians on travel, quarantines and what to do if you have symptoms

As Canada faces a rising number of coronavirus cases, public health experts and the public alike are dealing with confusion and uncertainty as the situation changes daily. Here are some answers — and key questions experts are still working on.

How do we protect ourselves from COVID-19?

Dr. Allison McGeer, medical microbiologist and infectious disease specialist, joins host Dr. Brian Goldman to give you a dose of the latest guidance on how Canadians can protect ourselves and the most vulnerable around us.  

'Undignified' 100-year-old hospital gown design in desperate need of redesign, doctor says

Likening the 100-year-old hospital gown to a prisoner's orange jumpsuit, a prominent British doctor says the "alien, open-at-the-back garment" is in desperate need of a redesign. 

Should I take a daily Aspirin to ward off heart attacks and strokes?

For years, doctors have been telling people to take an Aspirin a day to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. But recent studies suggest that prescription may not be for everyone. Dr. Mike Kolber joins Dr. Brian Goldman to give you the dose on who might want to think twice.

As Canadians hope for coronavirus vaccine, many aren't getting immunized against other diseases

As scientists race to develop a vaccine to combat the coronavirus epidemic, many Canadian adults aren't getting taking advantage of vaccinations that are already available to protect them against other serious illnesses, public health experts say.

'I couldn't live with myself if I didn't go respond': Vancouver tenants take lead in overdose prevention

The Tenant Overdose Response Organizer (TORO) non-profit is a groundbreaking harm reduction program taking opioid overdose treatment out of the clinic and into many of Vancouver's single-room occupancy hotels by recruiting residents and drug users as caregivers. 
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I'm a grown-up. What vaccines do I need?

Conversations about vaccines usually centre on children. But what vaccinations do you need as an adult? Family doctor and vaccine researcher Dr. Iris Gorfinkel joins Dr. Brian Goldman to give you the dose on adult vaccines for diseases ranging from shingles to HPV.

Why a top Canadian obesity expert doesn't use BMI

Charts showing body mass index have been posted in doctors' offices for decades, but experts caution against using the number to make assumptions about an individual's health.

How complex care services delivered to rural areas became a 'life-changer' for this family

The Tucker family lives in Orillia, Ont., whose hospital is home to a clinic specializing in complex care for children living in remote parts of Ontario.
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How to listen to The Dose with Dr. Brian Goldman

Want to check out our new podcast but not sure how? This guide has you covered.
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'The Dose with Dr. Brian Goldman' delivers straight-to-the-point health news in less than 20 minutes

CBC Podcasts and the folks who bring you the award-winning radio program White Coat Black Art launch a brand new weekly health podcast.

Pay-as-you-go health care: Uninsured people in Canada face sky-high bills, delays in treatment, doctors say

Most Canadians are secure knowing that they benefit from universal health care. All you have to do is walk into a clinic or hospital and you will be treated. For an estimated 500,000 people who live and work among us, it’s a different reality.
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A step closer to eliminating cervical cancer by 2040

A single dose of HPV vaccine may be effective against cervical cancer and could make it easier to achieve the goal of eliminating the disease.
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Should I have kept my cancer?

Producer Lise Hosein tells her story of being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, and why she wishes she didn't have surgery to remove her thyroid glands.