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A national electronic health record for all Canadians

An electronic health record that's accessible in every province and territory would save lives. But it's still unlikely to happen, says Dr. Brian Goldman.

Doctors who champion low-carb, high-fat diets go against the grain

Meet three doctors who eat a low-carb, high-fat diet, and find out why they'd like to see it more commonly prescribed to patients who are facing metabolic disease, even though some critics call it a fad.

A heart attack affects more than your health

Dr. Brian Goldman assesses the economic fallout when a heart attack or stroke happens during your peak earning years.

Why astronaut and ER doctor Dave Williams thinks failure is as important as success

Astronaut and ER doctor Dave Williams has had plenty of successes, but he shares some of his setback and failures with Dr. Brian Goldman. Williams says that failure is a key part of success.

'They taught me how to be a doctor': How one family changed the way this physician practises medicine

Dr. Julia Orkin's life — and the course of her medical career — changed when she met a very special patient and her family in 2010.

Men who get their blood pressure checked at the barbershop

Think your doctor does a good job watching your blood pressure? Dr. Brian Goldman explains why the barber may be an even better choice. For guys, that is.

'Oh, no. This is going to be bad': Boy's recovery from polio-like illness a long one

Rachelle Downton hoped her son Xavier, 4, would take a few steps with a walker for Christmas. That likely won't happen, and doctors say his recovery from a frightening and mysterious ailment may take much longer.

Something may be missing in the new breast cancer screening guideline

A new breast cancer screening guideline is meant to make things clearer for women in Canada. Dr. Brian Goldman explains why it may do just the opposite.

Family fighting for better end-of-life care for people with severe disabilities after son's painful death

Tristan Lederman, 34, spent his final months in pain and distress before he died. His parents say he got inadequate palliative care from his doctors. His case doesn't surprise advocates who say it illustrates some of the failures in both the health-care and education systems.

Have you ever lied to your doctor? You're not alone

What should doctors do to encourage patients to tell the truth? Dr. Brian Goldman says his colleagues need to stop being judgmental.

Poetry and peer support: How Amy Willans remade her life after mental illness

At 22, Amy Willans was a driven nursing student and champion figure skater. In 1996 she began to experience paranoid thoughts and depression and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. The poet and acclaimed peer support worker talks to Dr. Goldman about living with mental illness and her journey to recovery.

Does obesity increase risk of childhood asthma?

Rates of childhood asthma are going up and researchers have identified a surprising (and preventable) culprit. @NightshiftMD has the details.

Early therapy is best after a stroke, but many rural Canadians miss out

Many stroke survivors, especially those like Albertan Robert Windross who live in rural or remote areas, wait far too long for rehabilitation, say experts.

How loud noises can affect your heart

If you live next to an airport or a highway, your heart may be at risk. @NightshiftMD tackles the health problems caused by exposure to loud noise.

Why this doctor went public with her story of burnout

It took a crisis in her personal life to get Dr. Shelly Dev to admit that she was burned out. Now she's challenging other doctors to come forward with their experiences.
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How to tell if your doctor is burned out

Psychiatrist Mamta Gautam has been called the "doctor's doctor." She coaches physicians on how to stay one step ahead of burnout.

Laughing over spilled Jell-O: a radical prescription for loneliness in seniors

Why a 92-year-old woman now sees her roomate, 23, as a daughter.

'Alarming' number of families share leftover antibiotics, study suggests

When it comes to leftover antibiotics, reuse and recycle are bad ideas. @Nightshift explains why.

Meet Dr. Michael Klein, Canada's father of family-friendly births

To sustain Canada's health-care system, most births should be in the hands of midwives and family doctors, leaving obstetricians to attend births requiring more complex care, says Dr. Michael Klein.
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Young adults are the new vaccine skeptics

And don't ask them to talk to their doctor because they probably don't have one, says @NightshiftMD.

How cancer coaches help patients navigate an overwhelming diagnosis

Popular in Australia and England, cancer coaching is just starting to gain a toehold in Canada.

Cases of rare, polio-like paralysis targeting kids appear in Canada

Last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported a small surge in cases of a mysterious disease in children. More than 60 cases of the polio-like illness have been confirmed in 22 U.S. states in recent weeks. Now, doctors at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto say they’re seeing cases in Canada.

Women with disabilities have sex. So why are their sexual health needs often ignored?

Jocelyn Maffin says she was never asked about her sexual health as a young woman, and as a result she was never offered contraception, information about STIs or an HPV vaccine - omissions she believes are related to the fact that she has a disability.

Five surprising things we learned about cannabis from our experts

Why the legalization of marijuana may make it less addictive and more myth busting

Everything you want to know about pot: Your questions answered

The lowdown on getting high from CBC's White Coat, Black Art.

Why this doctor went public with her story of burnout

It took a crisis in her personal life to get Dr. Shelly Dev to admit that she was burned out. Now she's challenging other doctors to come forward with their experiences.