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From denial to delay: ExxonMobil and the language of climate change

New analysis from Harvard measures how ExxonMobil used language to make individuals feel responsible for climate change, similar to the strategy used by tobacco companies in the past.

Canada's swamps are the secret weapon to fighting climate change, say experts

Boggy marshes and wetlands across the country are the secret stars of carbon capture, but most people don’t understand their worth, said Christina Davy, a research scientist for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Do you have a question about climate change? Let us know!

We're at a pivotal time. Climate change can feel overwhelming. The terminology, hard to understand. The science, complicated. We know you might have questions about the challenges and the solutions in our fight against climate change. We want to help you find answers. So ask us!

What On Earth wins CJF inaugural climate solutions reporting award

CBC Radio's What On Earth is the first recipient of a new award from the Canadian Journalism Foundation. The $10,000 prize was created to recognize the ‘defining challenge’ of climate change.

Can Canada reach its emissions targets while still producing so much oil and gas

The Liberal government has vowed to reduce emissions by 40-45 per cent by 2030 — but experts say it's not possible without drastic cuts to the fossil fuel industry.

Proposed new Toronto-area highway comes at a high cost to environment and personal health, say critics

Supporters of a proposed new highway near Toronto say it will relieve the gridlock experienced by long-suffering commuters in Ontario — but for how long? What on Earth takes a close look at the debate, and what it tells us about urban sprawl, green spaces and human health.

Big finance considers climate change a major investment risk. Is your pension prepared?

If you have a pension, chances are you're invested in fossil fuels. Whether or not that worries you from a climate perspective, there's a growing sense in the financial world that climate risk is tantamount to investment risk and companies not planning for a net-zero world may be a bad bet.
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Canada is touting hydrogen as crucial to its climate action plan, but how green is it?

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at Canada's pursuit of "green" hydrogen and California's findings on the connection between carbon emissions reductions and GDP.
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14 people are mapping Canada's path to net-zero emissions — can they do it?

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at the committee seeking to reduce Canada's emissions to net zero by 2050 and how climate change could affect hurricanes.

A win for climate at the Supreme Court of Canada

Several provinces took the federal government's policy to the Supreme Court and lost. So what does the decision mean for the country's carbon future?

Climate change could cripple Canada's power grids. Here's what we can learn from Texas

Freak storms, changing weather patterns and a push toward electrification are putting new pressures on the country’s power supply. Experts say these events are going to get more frequent just as demand for electricity skyrockets. Will Canada's power systems be ready?

Carbon offsets might be a dangerous distraction from more effective climate action, experts say

Many countries hope to buy their way to lower emissions, but experts say carbon offsets can do more harm than good.

'A question of life and death': Why climate action must also take racial justice into account

Activists and academics spoke to What on Earth host Laura Lynch about how white voices are too often at the centre of climate change discussions, and how conversations about climate justice must also include conversations about social and racial justice.

Green air travel is still decades away. Here's why

Car manufacturers have sped up plans to go all-electric and get to net zero. But the aviation industry has been slower to evolve.
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'Green is not white': how racial justice is key to winning the climate fight

Looking back at Black history month and ahead to a bill to address environmental racism, we examine the connections between racism and climate change. We hear from Black academics, environmentalists and a labour leader about an inclusive green transition.
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Melting ice roads: how climate change is threatening communities in Canada's North

For many northern communities, ice roads are essential for accessing things like food and fuel. But climate change is causing them to be less reliable, and often unsafe. We explore the impact and solutions. 

Deadly glacier break in Himalayas a warning of hazards in a warmer world, scientists say

Glaciologists say the deadly slide in northern India earlier this month is a sign of how areas around glaciers are becoming more dangerous as a result of climate change.

What a controversy in Alberta tells us about climate disinformation

A public inquiry in Alberta into alleged foreign-funded anti-energy campaigns commissioned a pair of studies critics call “textbook climate denial.” We look at why this persists in Canada, and how to go beyond debunked arguments against climate science.

Homeowners and towns partner to take CO2 out of home heating

Reducing the carbon footprint of homes across Canada is no easy task. What role does home heating play? Individual homeowners and community-lead initiatives are taking action to make a difference.
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Natural gas vs. methane: How the name influences our view of this fossil fuel

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at how the term 'natural gas' might have something do with its eco-friendly image and what the 'Greta Thunberg effect' means.

Why Canada needs a 'just transition' from fossil fuels

With the stroke of a pen Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, and now calls are growing for a 'just transition' — a shift from fossil fuels to a low carbon economy that doesn’t leave workers behind. We look at the barriers and how it could work.
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How carbon capture technology can add to the emissions problem

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we drill deeper on carbon capture and look at the ramifications of buying and selling water futures.

10 tips for talking with kids about climate change

Unlike monsters under the bed, the climate threat is real — and so is kids' and teens' anxiety about it. So how to talk climate? A top anxiety expert weighs in.

How to save the world in 6 books: top climate leaders share their 2020 reads

Activist Severn Cullis-Suzuki, scientist Katharine Hayhoe and author Seth Klein, along with other climate experts and advocates, recommend the books they think offer hope for the planet.

A year-end interview with Canada's climate minister

From lessons learned during the pandemic to his hope to hit net-zero emissions, plus some news he didn't expect to break – Jonathan Wilkinson joins us for a feature interview.