Climate change and the election: Compare party platforms

The next government’s climate change plan will impact every aspect of Canadians' lives and will be key to the country's future prosperity, public policy researchers say. Here’s how the major parties' platforms compare and how they plan to transition Canada to a lower-carbon economy.

Why storms like Ida are a reminder to modernize the grid

Work is underway to restore power after Hurricane Ida and its aftermath tore through Louisiana, making a mess of the electrical grid. Climate change is making storms like Ida more frequent and ferocious, and some say it's a devastating reminder to reinforce and green the grid.

Summer of extreme weather has some voters wanting climate change to top election agenda

Climate-concerned Canadians are sizing up candidates and platforms. We hear from voters and researchers about the role climate change might play, both in their choices and in just how the election itself is conducted.

Will Canadians cast a vote for climate?

How do the major parties and their policies stack up on fighting climate change? Host Laura Lynch speaks with two experts about what needs to be done and what they hope to see from the major parties.

To help fight climate change, give your shopping habits a makeover, advocates say

Though the buzz of economic recovery and loosened public health restrictions is drawing people back to shops, malls and even car dealerships, it’s hard to ignore the climate costs of returning to our pre-pandemic consumption habits.

Charging up for the EV boom

The EV industry is taking off, with major manufacturers vowing to go all-electric. But what are the environmental costs of all those batteries? We plug into the issue and hear about some made-in-Canada solutions

'Don't despair. Get angry and get active.' Scientists say a livable future means getting off fossil fuels

The UN climate panel sounded a dire warning this week, with its updated climate report described as a 'code red for humanity' by UN Secretary General António Guterres. But two climate scientists say while the warning is stark, the focus must not be on despair and instead should be on action.

Is regenerative farming hope for a hotter planet?

Extreme weather, from drought to floods, puts farmers on the front lines of climate change. Now, some are turning to regenerative farming to fight back.

This year's drought is a 'creeping disaster' that affects more than just farmers

Climate change is making the water cycle less predictable and more extreme, and this year's widespread drought in Western Canada and the U.S. is something we can expect to see more of. CBC Radio's What On Earth looks at how science and Indigenous knowledge might both help us adapt — and change how we manage water.

How to live with smoky skies

As wildfires burning across B.C., Saskatchewan, Ontario and the northwestern U.S , people experience a psychological response to loss in the natural environment, researcher says

What an Alberta town can teach us about coping with climate disasters

The 2013 Alberta floods left lasting emotional and psychological impacts, which experts say we need to better understand as this kind of disaster becomes more frequent due to human-caused climate change.

Goodbye 'normal': What climate change is doing to summer in Canada

From a deadly heatwave to wildfires, flooding, and extreme drought, there’s nothing normal about this summer. Climate change is a part of it, and CBC Radio’s What On Earth explores how the changing normal affects us, and what we can do about it.

Do you have a question about climate change? Let us know!

We're at a pivotal time. Climate change can feel overwhelming. The terminology, hard to understand. The science, complicated. We know you might have questions about the challenges and the solutions in our fight against climate change. We want to help you find answers. So ask us!

Why old-growth forests are an ally in fighting climate change

The fate of old-growth trees on the West Coast are once again the subject of blockades and hundreds of arrests. But this time, climate change is a much bigger part of the discussion, from the forests' carbon storage ability to resiliency against fire and other extreme weather.

As the planet gets warmer, are Canadian cities ready to face the heat?

Extreme heat warnings are in place over much of Western Canada as a historic heat wave that has shattered 103 all-time heat records across B.C., Alberta, Yukon and N.W.T. Environment Canada has also issued four heat warnings for regions along Manitoba's western boundary.
What on Earth?

Canada's Constitution should include right to healthy environment, argues new book

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we explore the idea of including environmental protections in the Constitution and where Canadians stand on plastic-bag use in grocery stores.

How a real-time online collaboration found the cause of a deadly flood

New research links a deadly disaster in the Indian Himalayas to an avalanche of rock and ice. We hear about the new findings, revisit voices on the ground, and ask what can be learned as the climate warms.

Crowdsourced data helps create 'pop-up' habitats for migratory birds

Conservation biologists are working with rice farmers in California to help establish temporary wetland habitat for waterfowl and shorebird species migrating along the Pacific Flyway.

Electric cars are booming. But what are the environmental costs of all those batteries?

The EV surge comes with environmental trade-offs, but some Canadian upstarts are doing things differently.
What on Earth?

Why Canada needs to think about accepting climate change refugees

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at the growing concern over climate change refugees and how vital solar power has become for families in war-torn Syria.

ExxonMobil blames climate change on the public by using 'misleading' language, researchers say

A new study suggests that ExxonMobil has used language to shift the blame for fossil fuel use from producers to consumers over the past four decades.

Canada's swamps are the secret weapon to fighting climate change, say experts

Boggy marshes and wetlands across the country are the secret stars of carbon capture, but most people don’t understand their worth, said Christina Davy, a research scientist for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Can Canada reach its emissions targets while still producing so much oil and gas

The Liberal government has vowed to reduce emissions by 40-45 per cent by 2030 — but experts say it's not possible without drastic cuts to the fossil fuel industry.

What On Earth wins CJF inaugural climate solutions reporting award

CBC Radio's What On Earth is the first recipient of a new award from the Canadian Journalism Foundation. The $10,000 prize was created to recognize the ‘defining challenge’ of climate change.

Proposed new Toronto-area highway comes at a high cost to environment and personal health, say critics

Supporters of a proposed new highway near Toronto say it will relieve the gridlock experienced by long-suffering commuters in Ontario — but for how long? What on Earth takes a close look at the debate, and what it tells us about urban sprawl, green spaces and human health.