Top picks: Falen Johnson's fave moments of the season

As we wrap up this season of Unreserved, we’re looking back at some of our favourite moments with host Falen Johnson.
(Submitted by Candace and Richard Scott-Moore)

As we wrap up this season, host Falen Johnson is looking back at some of her favourite moments. Whether it was learning about the traditional structure of a tipi, to getting cooking tips from a pro, or diving into the Land Back movement.

One of our favourite stories of the season: the long-distance romance of Candace and Richard Scott-Moore. The husband and wife are used to traveling between Canada and Australia. Richard is a member of the Yuin Waddi Waddi Nation, in Australia, and Candace is a member of the Chippewas of Kettle & Stony Point First Nation in southern Ontario. When the coronavirus shut down much of the world, they were kept on opposite sides of the planet. They shared the story of their romance, the anxiety of being forced apart, and how they kept their love strong as they awaited their reunion.

This year was the start of a new school program that immerses kids in traditional food preparation. Students at Elijah Smith Elementary School in Whitehorse learned to fillet fish and make dry meat. The CBC's Mike Rudyk brought us the voices of kids at Salmon Camp, and Rebecca Bradford-Andrew, team lead for the Yukon First Nation Education Directorate.

"Land Back." Those two words were heard a lot over the past year as many grassroots political movements hit the news headlines. Hayden King, executive director of the Yellowhead Institute, explained the complexity of the two short words that have encompassed a movement. 

Architect Krystel Clark thinks more structures should be designed like the tipi. Clark, who is El Salvadorian and Cree from Montreal Lake Cree Nation, wrote her master's thesis on tipi technology, and wants to see more Indigenous knowledge embraced in architecture.

Jordan Abel's new book, NISHGA, is part poetry, part autobiography, part visual art. It explores the impacts of residential schools and intergenerational trauma. And it all began with a box of family archives. Art Napoleon is a musician, hunter, "extreme forager", bush cook, and co-host of APTN's popular show Moosemeat & Marmalade. "He kinda reminded me of one of my uncles," said Johnson after speaking with him about his love for food and culture. "Maybe it was the hunting or the affinity for blues music. Either way, talking with him felt like being home." 

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