Homecoming: 12-year-old Fynnley Pearson visits Garden Hill First Nation for the first time

To celebrate his great-grandfather's 92nd birthday, Fynnley Pearson visited Garden Hill First Nation for the very first time.
Fynnley Pearson gives his great-granddad a hug on his first visit to Garden Hill First Nation. (CBC)

This segment originally aired in April 2016.

Fynnley Pearson is an energetic 12-year-old with long blond hair, piercing blue eyes and fair skin. 
Abel Fiddler, with his dad, Henry Fiddler. (The Light of Yesterday)

But he also has an Indian Status card which means he is recognized by the federal government as being registered under the Indian Act. In other words, he is First Nations.

Meagan Fiddler and her son Fynnley on the plane home after their trip to Garden Hill. (Meagan Fiddler)
But even though Pearson is a member of the Garden Hill First Nation in Manitoba, he had never stepped foot on his home reserve before.

That changed when his mom, Meagan Fiddler, a CBC reporter, took him home for his great-grandfather Abel Fiddler's 92nd birthday.

Click the listen button above to hear Fynn's expectations of what reserve life looks like, and to find out how the trip went.