Indigenous masculinity and the lasting impacts of colonization

This week we're talking all about Indigenous masculinity — and the lasting impacts of colonization on Indigenous men.
"I wear a braid to honour my ancestors and my culture," says Michael Linklater, the founder of the Boys with Braids campaign. (Scott Stephens)
This week, guest host Waubgeshig Rice is focused on Indigenous masculinity — and the lasting impact colonization has had on Indigenous men.
Close up portrait of a man with long dark hair wearing a light blue shirt with a dark grey jacket over it and standing in front of a tree
Waubgeshig Rice is an Anishinaabe author, journalist and radio host. (Shilo Adamson )

Indigenous Men and Masculinities is the name of a book Rob Innes co-edited with Kim Anderson. Innes is an assistant professor and department head of Indigenous Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. He says Indigenous men are pushing back against harmful stereotypes. 

Hip hop artists often portray an exaggerated version of themselves through their music. This can lead to distorted images of wealth, associations with gangs and violence, and gender. Kyle T. Mays is an assistant professor in the department of African American studies and the American Indian Center at UCLA, and the author of Hip Hop Beat, Indigenous Rhymes. He writes and teaches on the subject of Indigenous hip hop and how it intersects with ideas of masculinity. 

When you talk about masculinity, you can't ignore the worldwide #MeToo movement. Lindsay Nixon is a writer and the Indigenous editor-at-large for Canadian Art. In December they wrote an article for The Walrus that unpacks how the Me Too movement is different for Indigenous communities. 

Michael Linklater doesn't remember the last time he cut his hair, but he does remember being  teased for it at a young age. So he started Boys With Braids, an online collective that celebrates Indigenous boys and their hair. 

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