Indigenous firsts: From doctor of pharmacy to photographer

From doctor of pharmacy to culture columnist, Indigenous ways of knowledge and learning are permeating mainstream more and more.

Moon Time Sisters are on a mission to send menstrual supplies to girls in northern Saskatchewan.

5 years ago
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The Saskatoon- based group, Moon Time Sisters have been collecting menstrual supplies to send to 5 different communities in northern Saskatchewan. 0:54

Indigenous people may well be the most documented people on the planet. 

From the earliest days of photography and then the movies, our images have been captured on film for more than 150 years, and largely by non-Indigenous artists for non-Indigenous audiences. Unreserved culture columnist Jesse Wente looks at an exhibition in Washington that explores the work of a pioneering Indigenous photographer and shows a different side of the lens. 

Nicole White is helping to organize an effort to send much needed menstrual supplies to high school girls in northern Saskatchewan. (CBC)
Nicole White is a Métis student at First Nations University in Saskatchewan. Recently, she heard a La Loche, Sask., MP say that girls in northern Saskatchewan were missing school because they didn't have access to menstrual products. So she decided to get involved. Nicole joined an initiative to get menstrual cups to teenagers in the northern community. She is one of the people behind a Facebook page called Moon Time Sisters.
Jaris Swidrovich didn't originally want to be a doctor of pharmacy he wanted to be an actor. It wasn't until he was 19 year old that everything changed from who he was to who he wanted to be. Now he's changing how other health care professionals are taught about Indigenous people and history.

Are you reading along with our Indigenous Reads book club? Our latest choice is Eden Robinson's Son of A Trickster. Tricksters and teen angst are the focus of her novel, that is the first in a trilogy. In Son of a Trickster we meet Jared - a 16 year old burnout who sells "special cookies" and has a scary mom. His life if full of broken adults and scary highschool drama but Jared may not be all that he seems. For one thing, raven's have started talking to him — even when he's not stoned. Read along with us and join us for our Indigenous Reads panel on March 5th.

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