Take a look inside Indigenous Comic Con

Unreserved went down to Albuquerque, N.M., more than 2,300 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg, for the third annual Indigenous Comic Con.
Members of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars cosplay company, showed up for the screening of Navajo Star Wars, a Navajo-dubbed version of 'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.' (Kyle Muzyka/CBC)

Unreserved went down to Albuquerque, N.M., more than 2,300 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg, for the third annual Indigenous Comic Con. Here are just a few photos that captured the mood from the three-day event.

Desi Derata, left, stands with her Arrow Club teammate Kyle Hawk after he was narrowly defeated by his opponent, Chad Thomas. Wrestling was a big part of the Comic Con, with three separate hour-long events over two days. (Kyle Muzyka/CBC)
People who came to Indigenous Comic Con in cosplay outfits, could take a break in a guarded cosplay rest and repair room. (Stephanie Cram)
Peshawn Bread is a cosplay expert, who goes by the name Breadsama online. Here she is dressed as Blue Diamond from the television show Steven Universe. (Stephanie Cram)
Loren Aragon, a fashion designer and artist, showcases his latest collection for his Indigenous-inspired clothing company, ACONAV. (Kyle Muzyka/CBC)
Even the canines were dressed up — this pup was wearing a Chewbacca costume. (Kyle Muzyka/CBC)
Elizabeth Starks holds up her superhero, the Super Auntie, at a workshop that focused on creating characters that more accurately represented Indigenous people. (Kyle Muzyka/CBC)
Vendors displayed their many talents at Indigenous Comic Con, which included making elaborate displays using Lego. (Stephanie Cram)
Aishma, dressed up as a Native American vampire slayer, was one of many people dressed up in cosplay over the weekend. (Stephanie Cram/CBC)
James Bilagody voices General Tarkin in Navajo Star Wars. (Kyle Muzyka/CBC)
The Comic Con also hosted a fashion show for Indigenous designers to show off their sci-fi-inspired work. (Kyle Muzyka/CBC)