Bannock, poutine, indigenous harvest: the power of food to connect cultures, community

It's autumn, the season of crunchy leaves, cool days and grandma sweaters. In indigenous communities it's also harvest time.

Bannock, poutine, indigenous harvest: The power of food to connect culture and community

Neechi Foods in Winnipeg offers a range of traditional foods in its restaurant and grocery store. (Neechi Foods/Twitter)

It's autumn, the season of crunchy leaves, cool days and grandma sweaters. In indigenous communities it's also harvest time.

Back home in the north, moose hunting is underway. In the south wild rice or manoomin is being prepared and packaged and on the coastlines people are fishing up for winter.

So what better time to talk about food?

  • On the show this week, our senior bannockologist, Tim Fontaine, digs into a Winnipeg co-op that serves up traditional food and economic development.
  • You'll find out what happened when the indigenous people of Sweden stopped in at a Cree community in Quebec and had some poutine. 
  • Artist KC Adams spent a month eating only foods that are indigenous to North America. Hear the personal reason that motivated her to make the change. 
  • Seal intestine is being served up to guests in Labrador. Find out what else is on the menu at the Torngat Mountains Base Camp.
  • And some theatre with your dinner? HUFF playwright and actor Cliff Cardinal explains why he uses the stage to shed light on some very dark topics.
This week's playlist
Elisapie (courtesy of the artist)

Elisapie - Life is What You Make It
Harry Davies - The Bannock Song
Willy Mitchell - The Call of the Moose
Tom Jackson - Blue Water