How two Indigenous women are breaking down barriers in the media industry

Actor Jennifer Podemski and TikTok star Sherry Mckay are charting conventional and unconventional paths to success.

Unreserved tour explores Winnipeg's history from Indigenous public art lens

Unreserved takes you on a bike tour through Winnipeg to explore how Indigenous people are using public art to restore their stories.

How the Indian Act continues to impact the lives of First Nation people

There is no piece of legislation that has had more of an influence on the lives of First Nation people in Canada than the Indian Act. Originally passed in 1878, the Indian Act outlines everything from the current reserve structure, to the creation of residential schools. 

Author calls the Indian Act 'a post-confederation assimilation tool'

In 2015, Bob Joseph wrote a blog post about the surprising things people may not know about the Indian Act. It went viral, which inspired him to expand it into the book, 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act.

How every member of an Alberta First Nation lost Indian Status

Until 1985, under the Indian Act, First Nation people could legally get rid of their status by enfranchising, which means they would surrender their status to receive the same rights as non-Indigenous Canadians. 

'Irreplaceable' audio of deceased Innu elders among research materials, artifacts to be returned to Labrador

Innu Nation cultural guardian Jodie Ashini and anthropologist Peter Armitage are working to bring decades of stories, documents, recordings and other cultural artifacts back to Labrador.

From art to health care, meet 4 Indigenous cultural guardians

This week on Unreserved, stories about Indigenous people who are guarding their culture, taking back their history, transforming their cityscapes, and breaking barriers in health care.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is 1 step on a long journey, says Murray Sinclair

The former senator and leader of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission discusses how far we’ve come on reconciliation, and how far we still have to go.

Unreserved time travels through Indigenous history with This Place

Through re-enactments and author interviews, This Place's 10-part series shares stories of Indigenous heroes, battles, triumphs and traditions.

Rosanna Deerchild back in host seat for Unreserved's 8th season

Tune in on Sept. 11 at 4 p.m. ET on CBC Listen to hear Rosanna share highlights from This Place, the CBC podcast journey through Indigenous history that she made last season. Meet the Métis woman who inspired Louis Riel and hear a chilling tale of the windigo.

This Inuk author named 4 of Saturn's moons. Here's what he wants to name next

In 2000, children's author Michael Kusugak named a group of Saturn's many moons. Twenty years later, he's looking to rename the street near his house.

Names erased: How Indigenous people are reclaiming what was lost

Canada has a long history of erasing Indigenous names — but Unreserved is taking a look at the growing movement to reclaim those names before they’re lost.

How the erasure of their place names can have 'real-life effects' on Indigenous people

Christina Gray spent a lot of time in national parks, reading plaques and paying attention to the names of nearby mountains, lakes and rivers. She quickly realized how most places were named after Europeans — or, in some cases, their pets.

What happens when hidden histories become a national conversation?

June is National Indigenous History month — a time to celebrate and reflect on the contributions of the many nations across this land. But much of that history continues to be unacknowledged in the mainstream, and even hidden.

How Indigenous people are promoting and learning their languages

This week on Unreserved, we hear from language learners across Turtle Island who are helping make their language more accessible to people who want to learn.

How Indigenous musicians are using song to reclaim their identities

Music has a way of expressing and feeling emotions in ways most other things can’t. Musicians and listeners alike can connect with the sounds, the lyrics and the meaning of songs and express themselves through it.

Indigenous fashion: The politics of ribbon skirts, runways and resilience

Clothing is a way of making a statement and telling people what you believe. Fashion can empower, it can challenge, and it can be deeply political.

How Indigenous architects are resisting colonial legacies and reshaping spaces

This week on Unreserved, we're talking with Indigenous people who are reshaping spaces and reframing how we look at architecture.

Indigenous musicians find new ways to create, promote and thrive during pandemic

Musicians are always finding ways to explore new sounds, new ideas or new spaces — but the ongoing pandemic has left many looking for new ways to thrive as artists. This week, we visit with a few Indigenous artists to hear how they're keeping the music going in 2021.

'We come from the stars': Indigenous astronomy, astronauts, and star stories

Long winter nights are perfect for looking up at the stars, and that’s exactly what we’re doing on Unreserved this week. From Indigenous astronomy to the first Indigenous astronaut, find out how Indigenous people are reframing the way we look at the sky. 

Indigenous documentarians tell their own stories of connecting to culture

Documentaries can be a powerful tool for storytelling, but for years Indigenous people were the subject matter and not the people telling their own stories. This week, two documentaries about culture, connection, and finding your way back. 

How Indigenous skateboarders use their boards for creative expression and land reclamation

For many Indigenous people, skateboarding is an active way to express yourself, and reclaim territory in unexpected ways. This week on Unreserved, meet Indigenous skateboarders who are taking the sport onto the streets, and into communities. 

Top picks: Falen Johnson's fave moments of the season

As we wrap up this season of Unreserved, we’re looking back at some of our favourite moments with host Falen Johnson.

'It has never been a secret that children went missing': Will the loss of 215 be a watershed moment?

In late May, when it was announced that the remains of an estimated 215 Indigenous children had been found on the grounds of the Kamloops Indian Residential School, it was the leading news story across the country. Yet for many, it wasn’t “news” at all.

The Indigenous connection to the Underground Railroad

Most stories of the Underground Railroad follow the narrative of white people helping Black people escape slavery, but overlook the involvement of Indigenous allies who often risked their own lives to help freedom seekers cross into Canada safely. Historian Roy Finkenbine is among those rewriting that history.