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How Navajo code talkers helped the U.S. fight in WW II

The original Navajo code talkers created a code using English and Navajo, which was used for communication during the war. Their code was never broken.

Remembering the contributions of Indigenous veterans

This week we're looking at the ways Indigenous soldiers contributed to war efforts across the globe. With stories of those who fought, the secrets they kept and what happened after they came home.

Indigenous veterans: They fought for freedom, democracy and an equality 'they could never share'

For more than two decades, Scott Sheffield’s work has focused on Indigenous peoples' participation in the Canadian military. He said their contributions are sometimes forgotten and misunderstood.

Remembering Percy Roy Lickers: An Indigenous soldier who died on the battlefield in WW I

Falen Johnson is guest hosting Unreserved this week, the show is all about contributions made by Indigenous veterans. Johnson recently learned her great uncle, Percy Roy Lickers, died in battle in WW I.

An Indigenous soldier's story: equal on the battlefield, but not at home

An Edmonton woman honouring the heroic wartime deeds of her late grandfather is pleased to see a growing recognition of the contribution of Indigenous soldiers.

Finding Pte. Thomas Godchere: An Anishinaabe family's journey to honour a fallen soldier

CBC Thunder Bay Executive Producer Michael Dick made a trip to Vimy, France with a special gift for a fallen soldier from the First World War — who also happens to be his great great uncle.

'They brought me back to life': Elisapie draws musical inspiration from classic Indigenous acts

When Inuk musician Elisapie sunk into a darkness, she found her way back by listening to Indigenous singers from the 1960s and '70s. She honours those voices on her new album, The Ballad of the Runaway Girl.

Kahnawake's first brewery gives nod to Mohawk ironworkers

It all started with a black bridge, the legends of the Mohawk ironworkers and an idea for a microbrewery. Kahnawake Brewing Company + Black Bridge Taproom is the first of its kind in the territory.

Kahnawake street signs encourage the use of traditional language

Road signs in the language, Kanien'kéha, are popping up all over Kahnawake. They’re there because of Karihwiióstha Callie Montour.

From soapstone carving to Second Life: Indigenous peoples in Quebec embrace tradition and technology

Unreserved is spending time in Quebec, come along as we meet some of the people who are a making waves in the province's vibrant Indigenous communities.

Inuit artists find a place to carve at Montreal homeless shelter

Some Inuit artists in Montreal have carved out a space of their very own at a homeless shelter that aims to help them get a fair price for their work.

Indigenous virtual reality: An experiment in 'Indigenization of cyberspace'

Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace, a research network and computer lab, is determined to ensure Indigenous presence in cyberspace. So they bought an island ... a cyber island in the online multiplayer virtual world of Second Life.

'I knew how to fight, I just didn't know how to box': Clarence Scott transformed his life one punch at a time

As a teenager in Winnipeg, Clarence Scott was in a gang, and dealing drugs. When he turned 18, he was sent to jail for attempted murder and firearm possession. After he was released, he found a surprising outlet - boxing.

Bike trails on the Simpcw First Nation's old hunting grounds help youth reconnect with the land

Eustache worked to create the trails on the old hunting grounds and is working to ensure they are used by members of the community — especially the youth — as a way to reconnect with the land.
Special Feature

A league of their own: How First Nations in northern Ontario strengthen community through baseball

Competition has wrapped up for the second season of the KCA Jays Care Rookie League, featuring teams from eight northwestern Ontario First Nations.

How fitness connects Indigenous people to the land, themselves and each other

They say physical activity is good for the body, but did you know it's also good for the mind and the heart? Today, how fitness is inspiring Indigenous people to connect with the land, themselves and each other.

Downward dog, meet chopping wood: Behchoko gets elders moving with 'Tlicho yoga'

When residents of a seniors home in Behchoko, N.W.T., were reluctant to join in with modern exercise programs, program coordinators found a culturally-relevant solution: marrying yoga practice with traditional movements.

Why members of London's Indigenous Running Club say running is for everybody

Runners with the Indigenous Running Club say they've made significant progress in a short time.

Mi'kmaq activist hopes for 'baby steps' in correcting 'Mic Mac' moniker

Mic Mac Mall — an offensive name on a well-known place. Former Halifax poet laureate Rebecca Thomas meets Rosanna meet to discuss the importance of correcting the name.

'If I lose my right, I have nothing': A Mi'kmaw fisherwoman's fight for her right to fish

Fishing is one of Halifax's major industry. Marilynn-Leigh Francis is an Mi'kmaw fisherwoman who's faced racism and conflict on the job, says that it is her right to fish.

New Halifax walking tour highlights the 'excluded' parts of history

A new tour in Halifax tells the Indigenous and Black histories of the city. Professor Isaac Saney from Dalhousie University helped create the tour, and he shows Rosanna where the tour takes place.

Halifax's Nocturne festival curated by Indigenous artist for the first time ever

For the first time in Nocturne's 10-year history, an Indigenous artist, Raven Davis, curated the annual nighttime art festival. The Anishinaabe artist was chosen after the Halifax-based festival partnered with the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective.

Unreserved heads to Halifax: How are people in this city building bridges between communities?

Halifax, in Mi'kmaw territory, is a city in the throes of decolonization and reconciliation. What tensions are arising? How are people in this city building bridges between communities? Unreserved headed east to find out.

Why 'fed up' MP Romeo Saganash dropped the F-bomb in the House of Commons

The Cree MP, who accused the prime minister of not caring about the rights of Indigenous people, talked to Unreserved about standing up and speaking out in Parliament.

'It's demeaning to our women': Petition wants Indigenous costumes pulled from Spirit Halloween shelves

Every year around mid-September, social media feeds start filling up with hashtags like #CultureNotCostume and #NotYourPocahontas. They are hashtags created in response to Halloween stores that stock costumes with names like Native American Princess, Toddler Little Chief and Sexy Cherokee Warrior.