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How a fateful limo ride led Tom Wilson to his Mohawk roots

Tom Wilson is a Canadian music icon with bands Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Junkhouse and now, as Lee Harvey Osmond. But uncovering a family secret set him off on a lifelong journey that changed everything.

First Words: Jeremy Dutcher speaks Wolastoqey

In this episode of First Words, Juno award winner Jeremy Dutcher explains the intimate connection between his language and music.

37 years, 37 albums: Northern Cree's Steve Wood on being 'ambassadors' for Treaty 6

Thirty-seven years and 37 albums later, Steve Wood is the only original member of Northern Cree left. But he's showing no signs of stopping just yet.

Playing with Yo-Yo Ma, hanging with Joni Mitchell: Is a Juno win next for Jeremy Dutcher?

Jeremy Dutcher is still basking in the success of his first album, Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa. It won him a Polaris Prize last year, and a Juno nomination for Indigenous Music Album of the Year.

How a dress in a pawn shop led to a Juno nomination for Leonard Sumner

The the most surprising inspiration for a song on Leonard Sumner's album, might be the moment when he saw a jingle dress hanging in a pawn shop.

Unreserved celebrates Indigenous music at the Juno Awards

With the Juno Awards being handed out March 17, it seemed like the perfect time to hear from all the Indigenous musicians nominated this year.

First Words: Valentina Fox speaks Nakoda

In this episode of First Words, Stoney elder Valentina Fox teaches you how to say "hold on to our Nakoda language."

From growing medicine to space rockets: What is Indigenous futurism?

Grace Dillon coined the term, Indigenous futurism, paying homage to Afrofuturism, which weaves in traditional knowledge and culture with futuristic ideas and settings.

Telling the story of first contact... with a futuristic video game

The first time Maize Longboat saw a video game character that was Indigenous-inspired, it was the Tauren character in World of Warcraft — which was loosely based on Native American culture.

Imagining Indigenous people as space explorers

The first time Lou Cornum saw an explicit depiction of an Indigenous person in a futuristic setting, it was a revelation.

Looking towards the future: Indigenous futurism in literature, music, film and fashion

In popular culture, Indigenous people are often portrayed as being of the past, living traditional lives. Or they're not shown at all. Aside from a few characters, like Star Trek's Chakotay, Indigenous people aren't often portrayed as existing 10, 50 or 100 years from now. This week on Unreserved, how Indigenous people are seeing themselves in the future.

First Words: Adrian Sutherland speaks Cree

In this episode, Adrian Sutherland of the band Midnight Shine shares the challenge of translating Neil Young lyrics into Cree. He'll also teach you how to say sing me a song in his language.

Aliens, the future and Pueblo pottery inspire Indigenous fashion designer

Aconav is an Indigenous women’s fashion line based out of Phoenix, Arizona, that creates bold and futuristic clothing inspired by the Acoma Pueblo and Navajo heritages of co-founders Loren and Valentina Aragon.

How Jon Corbett used a computer program to create beaded portraits

Artist Jon Corbett first became interested in computers as a young boy — a fascination that continues to this day, and has a direct influence on his artwork. 'Back in the '80s, when I was just a kid and learning how to use a computer program, the scan lines of a computer monitor really fascinated me.'

Why Angela Gonzalez shares her 'beading bliss' tutorials online

To many, beading work might be a way to pass the time. But to Angela Gonzalez, beading is medicine. That's part of what motivated her to start teaching beading in YouTube videos and on Twitter.

Exploring the intersection where Indigenous tradition and technology meet

From finding algorithms in beading patterns to using virtual reality to teach Indigenous history, traditional Indigenous knowledge is rooting itself in technology more and more.

Inuk NHL player Jordin Tootoo on life after going 'All the Way'

Jordin Tootoo doesn’t watch much hockey anymore — but reflecting on his storied career as the first Inuk to play in the NHL, he’s reminded of how it saved him.

First Words: Bryson Syliboy speaks Mi'kmaw

Bryson Syliboy is Mi'kmaw from Sipekne'katik First Nation in Nova Scotia. He started tweeting out a Mi'kmaw word of the day, related to something happening in the world. This week, he'll teach you how to say hello, welcome and see you later in Mi'kmaw.

First Words: Eli Langley speaks Koasati

At 20 years old, Eli Langley is the youngest person in his tribe to speak Koasati fluently, a language native to the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana. In this episode, he'll teach you how to say brother, clan and god.

Indigenous language revitalization: From federal legislation to community-led initiatives

New federal legislation in Canada aims to bring many Indigenous languages back to life, and protect them from being lost. But Indigenous people have long been working to revitalize their languages. From podcasts and Hollywood blockbusters, to sign language and language nests, how Indigenous people are learning, sharing and speaking their own languages.

Haida language nest offers youngest speakers the chance to learn ancestral language

The Haida language is a piece of culture that was nearly lost due to smallpox, residential schools, church and government interventions. There was a time when all Haida were fluent in their language. Today, there are only three or four dozen speakers. Nearly all of them are over the age of 70. But, there is hope for the next generation.

How Star Wars 'made it possible to open a world of speaking Navajo'

In 2013, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released on DVD dubbed in Navajo. Five years later, the Navajo-language cast reunited at Indigenous Comic Con to screen the film and sign DVD copies for Star Wars fans.

First Words: Larry Grant speaks hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓

In this episode of First Words, Musqueam Elder Larry Grant teaches you a word for “I really love you,” and one for “pal.”

Snagging, romance novels and bear grease: Unreserved shares Indigenous love stories

It's that time of year again — time to talk about the Indigenous love in our lives. This week on Unreserved, a look at everything from romance novels to online love and even the art of the snag.

The language of love: Artists Ursula Johnson and Angella Parsons on Mik'maw in their marriage

When Ursula Johnson teaches Mi'kmaw to her wife, Angella Parsons, it's about a connection to Johnson's first language, and a connection to each other.

How Star Wars 'made it possible to open a world of speaking Navajo'

In 2013, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released on DVD dubbed in Navajo. Five years later, the Navajo-language cast reunited at Indigenous Comic Con to screen the film and sign DVD copies for Star Wars fans.