Unreservedwith Falen Johnson


Unreserved's virtual red carpet: Celebrating Indigenous filmmakers at TIFF 

The Toronto International Film Festival  is one of the biggest film festivals in the world. On a typical year, TIFF attracts hundreds of thousands of people for screenings, galas and parties.

Tank Standing Buffalo explores incarceration, isolation in TIFF animated short

When Tank Standing Buffalo created RKLSS, he thought he'd post it on Instagram, get a couple of likes and move on. Instead, it premiered at TIFF this week. 

Unreserved celebrates Rosanna Deerchild and welcomes new host Falen Johnson

For the first time in six years, your favourite cousin, Rosanna Deerchild, won't be sitting in the host's chair for the upcoming season of Unreserved. 

Rosanna Deerchild to host podcast based on Indigenous graphic novel This Place

The 10-episode series, which adapts the bestselling comic book anthology about 150 years of Canada through the eyes of Indigenous creators, to air on CBC Radio One in 2021.

Five questions for Falen Johnson, new host of Unreserved

Johnson talks about what it was like growing up in Six Nations of the Grand River, her love of rez radio, and her excitement for connecting with Indigenous communities across the country. 

Culture, curriculum, community: Thunder Bay schools pushing back against racism

This week on Unreserved, how schools and grassroots initiatives are helping First Nations youth transition to life in the city.

'Things are shifting': Tanya Talaga sees change in Thunder Bay

Eight years ago Tanya Talaga began investigating the unsolved deaths of seven First Nation students who were living in Thunder Bay to attend high school. The author sees positive change in the city, but the work is far from over.

New hockey class aims to support First Nation youth in Thunder Bay

Mike Kompon is the recreation and athletic director at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School. He is teaching a new hockey class and hopes the sport will help smooth the transition for First Nation students who move to Thunder Bay for school.

Beyond the curriculum: How Matawa Learning Centre brings culture to the classroom

Matawa Learning Centre in Thunder Bay offers First Nations teens a holistic education. In addition to standard curriculum courses - like math and science - students also get to take classes where they learn about their culture. 

Wake the Giant campaign promotes safe spaces for Indigenous students

Wake the Giant is a grassroots sticker campaign that flags safe spaces for Indigenous students in Thunder Bay.

'A mountain of power': The impact of Cindy Blackstock

Cindy Blackstock has been described as "Canada's 'relentless moral voice' for First Nations equality." She has worked for decades as a tireless champion for the rights of Indigenous children and their families.

Lights, camera, Oscars: Meet the creators decolonizing Hollywood

This week, Unreserved is rolling out the red carpet just in time for the Oscars. We head to Los Angeles to talk about the push to decolonize Hollywood, from the inside. 

'Maybe Los Angeles is also a fantasy': Tataviam videographer wants people to know whose land they're on

Tataviam videographer Timothy Ornelas grew up in Los Angeles, visiting theme parks just like tourists do. Now Ornelas wants visitors to consider whose traditional homelands they're standing on while they're waiting in line at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Reimagining classic Hollywood with Indigenous actors as iconic stars

In her series Real NDNZ Re-Take Hollywood, Navajo photographer Pamela J. Peters recreated iconic classic Hollywood photographs, with current Indigenous actors portraying stars like Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley and Ava Gardner. 

ImagineNATIVE's Oscar accreditation creates direct link with Indigenous filmmakers

Last year was a big one for the ImagineNATIVE Film Festival — on the year of their 20th anniversary, it became the first Indigenous film festival that can qualify a film for Oscar consideration.

Rutherford Falls brings Indigenous writers together for new NBC sitcom

On the Paramount Studio lot in Los Angeles, five Indigenous writers and comics are rewriting the Hollywood sitcom script.

Tongva actor Tonantzin Carmelo says change in roles for Indigenous talent 'a slow drip'

After establishing herself as a leading actor with her breakout performance as Thunder Heart Woman in the Emmy-winning Steven Spielberg miniseries Into the West, Tonantzin Carmelo didn't waste any time. With roles on TV shows like Undone, Z Nation, and The Son, Carmelo is a rising star in Hollywood.

Found sound: Archival recordings create connection to the past

They can be scratchy recordings on dusty vinyl, old cassettes in the corner of a storeroom, or wax cylinders carefully stored in a museum's archives. These fragile sounds can offer connections to history. Today on Unreserved, we're listening to found sound, archival recordings of Indigenous languages, songs and audio that captured a moment in time. 

Family, community, healing: Documentaries highlight personal journeys in First Nations

On a special episode of Unreserved this week, we share three documentaries — three personal journeys about family, community and the desire for healing.

William Prince on 'borrowing from future happiness' to write new album, Reliever

William Prince's Juno-winning debut, Earthly Days, earned him international attention. His second album, Reliever, was recorded in Nashville and Winnipeg, and he sat down with Rosanna Deerchild to talk about how things have changed.

'It tells a truth that has been kept secret': Children of God brings residential school story to the stage

A modern musical that sheds light on the painful experience of residential schools has broken new ground in Indigenous Canadian theatre. Children of God was eight years in the making, and is the passion piece of Oji-Cree playwright and composer Corey Payette.

Adopted at birth: one woman's decades-long search for her Indigenous family

A woman adopted by a Vancouver family spent more than 30 years tracking down her birth parents. She overcame family resistance to finally uncover her connection to the west coast Penelakut Tribe.

How a Viennese ethnomusicologist preserved Indigenous songs during potlatch ban

In Canada, one of the most important ethnomusicologists who explored Indigenous music was from Vienna. Ida Halpern came to Canada in the 1930s with the goal of collecting the music of First Nations in British Columbia. 

New NFB doc tells story of historic totem pole raising from a Haida perspective

In 1969, the first totem pole was raised in Haida Gwaii in nearly a century. In his new documentary, Now is the Time, filmmaker Christopher Auchter used archival tape to tell the story from a Haida perspective.

'I rescued my ancestors': Anishinaabe anthropologist brings archival recordings back home

Bimodoshka Annya Pucan was doing undergraduate research at the University of Western Ontario, when she discovered archival recordings of Robert Thompson - a medicine man born in 1876.