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How these Indigenous pharmacists are building trust and confronting health care's legacy of systemic racism

From the top down to the grassroots, Indigenous pharmacists are working to build a community in their field — and ensure people have access to both traditional and modern medicine.

'We were anything but primitive': How Indigenous-led archaeology is challenging colonial preconceptions

A growing number of Indigenous archaeologists are doing archaeology in their own way and pushing back against the colonial boundaries of the field.

A new era of archaeology

Archaeology was always something done to Indigenous peoples, rather than with or by them. But today, Indigenous archaeologists are pushing back against the colonial boundaries of the field.

Indigenous talent in the music industry is creating a 'beautiful resistance'

Indigenous talent in the music industry is creating a 'beautiful' resistance by sharing their own stories their own ways. Featuring artists like Digging Roots, Aysanabee, Kristi Lane Sinclair and more.

New Indigenous music that inspires, challenges and heals

In this episode of Unreserved we celebrate the beautiful resistance of Indigenous music makers carrying powerful messages. Featuring Digging Roots, Aysanabee, Kristi Lane Sinclair, Zoon, and Jayli Wolf, we hear how Indigenous artists are using music to tell both personal and collective histories.

Meet Indigenous drag artists trying to 'offer hope' to LGBTQ and 2-spirit youth

Indigenous drag performers have to navigate their identities in places where they’re not always accepted. In spite of these challenges, they are choosing to take up space and create community.

Celebrating kings and queens of the Indigenous drag community

From the grassroots level to Ru Paul's hit shows ... young Indigenous people are claiming who they are and creating fabulous art as drag performers.

What it takes to decolonize post-secondary institutions

Colleges and universities weren't built for Indigenous people to survive and thrive. But today, Indigenous academics, instructors and students are creating ways to find true belonging on campuses across the country.

Water is sacred to Indigenous people. They have been fighting to protect it for decades

Indigenous people have been standing up to protect water for decades — because to them, is more than just hydration. Water is alive and holds a spirit. Water is sacred.

Protecting, preserving and passing on Indigenous food growing knowledge

Indigenous agricultural practices kept our ancestors alive for millennia. They not only fed their own communities but also taught settlers how to grow food across this vast territory.

How Duncan McCue changed Indigenous reporting

The Anishinaabe journalist has accepted a position as professor of Indigenous journalism and storytelling at Carleton School of Journalism in Ottawa, where he’ll share the unique expertise he developed during his time as a CBC journalist.

Saulteaux RCMP officer helps connect Sixties Scoop survivors with biological families

Dean Lerat is using DNA testing and archival records to help Indigenous people learn about their biological families and fill in gaps in their family histories. 

Indigenous heroes going above and beyond for their communities

Small actions, big impact. Meet four everyday heroes who are making a difference in Indigenous communities across the country.

Indigenous fashion designers aren't waiting for the industry to change — they're changing it themselves

Indigenous people have a beautiful, communal view of fashion and pass down culture and designs and share their work with each other, says Indigenous Fashion Arts' artistic and executive director Sage Paul.

Blazing a trail on the catwalk and beyond

Indigenous designers and models are creating their own space on and off the fashion runway.

Moving through grief with the How to Lose Everything project

When it comes to loss and moving gracefully through grief, Cree writer and musician Christa Couture knows a thing or two.

Why tackling the global industry of fake Indigenous art is like playing 'whack-a-mole'

The industry ranges from designs copied onto apparel and home decor to carved masks and totem poles, reproduced in Asia and Eastern Europe and sold cheaply.

Demand for Indigenous composers is growing worldwide, say industry insiders

Métis composer Justin Delorme says technological advances and more Indigenous-led projects in the film and television industry make a career in music production more accessible. He's part of a growing number of Indigenous composers redefining what it means to elevate Indigenous storytelling through music.

How Indigenous composers and musicians use their tools to tell impactful stories

Métis composer Justin Delorme, Pulitzer Prize winning Diné musician Raven Chacon and Inuk opera singer Deantha Edmunds share what their music means to them.

Land back is complicated. Here's what we can learn from a B.C. island returned to the Saanich people

The process of returning land to its original inhabitants isn't straightforward; there is no system in place to transfer lands back to Indigenous communities.

Got land you want to give back?

That may be harder than you think. Even when a group or individual is ready and willing to give land back to First Nations, there is no system in place to make this happen easily.

Rare Indigenous eyewitness account of Battle of the Little Bighorn found in Ontario

A rare Indigenous account of one of the most important battles in U.S. history was discovered at a museum in Brampton, Ont. Two archivists worked to bring Standing Bear's documents home to the Oglala people in South Dakota.

It's everyone's job to help end the MMIWG crisis, advocates say — and here's how

The National Inquiry's final report was released in 2019. As a document with over 1,000 pages and more than 200 calls for justice — changes that must be made in many areas of Canadian society, the inquiry states, to end the crisis — getting a handle on the problem can seem like a daunting task.

Pacific Coast Indigenous nations see a glimmer of hope for the future of salmon

Many Indigenous nations carry a deep spiritual connection with salmon. But threats like habitat loss, climate change and human development have decimated salmon numbers. Now, Indigenous people are working to bring them back.

How Indigenous people are strengthening fur traditions in an anti-fur world

Despite the negativity toward using and selling fur, Indigenous people say fur can be a sustainable, respectful and even luxurious material for clothing, accessories and art.