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How social media has influenced the wedding industry

There was a time when the only weddings we saw were the ones we attended. But in today’s social media world, we see thousands of weddings, from every imaginable angle.
Weddings are an $18 billion industry. (Shutterstock/KirylV)

Weddings are big, big business.

As a result, companies in the wedding industry are big, big marketers.

Every corner of a wedding has a large and willing category of companies ready to answer the call. From invitations and flowers to wedding dresses and cakes, weddings are an $80 billion-dollar industry.

And planning the perfect wedding is a lot of pressure.

Dum dum da dum. This week, we explore the lucrative world of Wedding Marketing. Weddings are big, big business. As a result, the wedding industry is a big, big marketing category. From invitations and flowers to dresses and cakes, weddings are an $80 billion industry. And planning the perfect day is a lot of pressure. Hope you'll join us. 0:57

Social media has seeped into every single aspect of the modern wedding - from the very first date to the last minute of the honeymoon.

Besides the fact that nearly one quarter of couples - straight and LGBTQ+ - meet online these days, 80 per cent of engaged couples do the majority of their wedding planning online.

Most brides announce their engagement on social media within 24 hours of getting the ring.

Couples announce, plan and celebrate the big day on social media.

By far, the top social media sites for wedding planning are Pinterest and Instagram. These two sites topped wedding magazines, websites, apps and basic Google wedding searches as the most popular planning resources.

Let's talk Pinterest for a moment.

Over 40 million people incorporate Pinterest into their wedding planning each year. People who use Pinterest post 900 million wedding-related pins (or photos) every year and conduct 378 million wedding-related searches on the site annually.

Couples, brides in particular, start using Pinterest earlier than any other wedding site when they're in the planning mode. Over time, they move into decision-making mode and start to build a collection of images on Pinterest that will define their wedding.

Then there are websites and apps. Wedding suppliers reach couples with their goods and services through sites like The Knot and WeddingWire. Together they get 13 million unique views per month and make over one million vendor recommendations per day.

In today's social media world, we have access to thousands of weddings online, from every imaginable angle. That expansive view not only inspires ideas, it puts a lot of pressure on couples to live up to a new standard.

There have never been more ways to help you spend your matrimonial money. That said - wedding apps and sites can certainly help you plan a wedding in an orderly, well-paced, check-listed way.

After all, there's a lot of things to arrange when you're planning the biggest party of your life.

That's why two of the sweetest words in the marketing world are "I Do."

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