McArthur investigation has spurred 'promising' leads in homicide cold cases in Toronto's Gay Village

Investigators have been sifting through the case files for 23 unsolved killings that occurred between 1975 and the late 1990s and targeted Toronto’s LGBTQ community for evidence of a connection to Bruce McArthur. So far, they've ruled out the convicted serial killer in eight of the cases. A new CBC podcast explores the investigation.

The story behind unsolved murders in Toronto's Gay Village

In this season of Uncover: The Village, reporter Justin Ling reveals the history of unsolved murder and missing-persons cases in Toronto’s Gay Village.

Uncover Season 3: Why Bruce McArthur's guilty plea isn't the end of the story

Host Justin Ling discusses the nuances of reporting the McArthur case and what new content we can expect to hear in his upcoming podcast, Uncover: The Village.

The Current for April 2, 2019

Today on The Current: Advocates warn that the government’s new benefits system for veterans will make it harder for those suffering from PTSD to qualify for help; plus, is the end of Canadian Women's Hockey League a matter of profit, or the value we place on women’s sports?; also, how the people who write computer code are remaking our world for their own convenience; and the new season of CBC podcast Uncover, which delves into unsolved homicides in Toronto's LGBTQ community.

About Uncover Season 2: Bomb On Board

A bomb exploded on a B.C. passenger plane in 1965 killing 52 people aboard, and yet no one has ever been held responsible. Uncover: Bomb On Board is an investigative podcast series from CBC Podcasts and The National.

'It's something out of a Hitchcock film': Experts re-examine unsolved Canadian airliner bombing

Canadian Pacific Flight 21 was en route to Whitehorse from Vancouver on July 8, 1965, when it crashed into the wilderness of the B.C. Interior.

Unsolved bombing of Yukon-bound flight not forgotten

The CBC podcast series Uncover: Bomb On Board takes a new look at a 53-year-old crime that took the lives of six Yukoners.

Introducing Season 2 of Uncover with host Ian Hanomansing

Uncover hosts Josh Bloch and Ian Hanomansing talk about the making of Escaping NXIVM and unveil the new season.