Why it took this man 20 years to prove he didn't murder his wife

In 1999, Glen Assoun was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife. He never stopped professing his innocence — and two decades later, the justice system finally admitted he was right.

Season 7: Dead Wrong

A botched police investigation, missing evidence, and a wrongful conviction in a city plagued with more than a hundred unsolved missing and murdered cases. Uncover: Dead Wrong takes us through the twisting, almost unbelievable story of Glen Assoun.

New podcast examines 'stunning institutional failure' of 1995 murder case, host says

Investigative reporter Tim Bousquet has been steeped in the case of Glen Assoun for years. He talks to CBC Podcasts about the importance of this story, and of seeking accountability within Canada's most powerful institutions. 

New podcast explores how 'Satanic Panic' overtook a Saskatchewan town

Throughout the 1980s, Satanic cults were widely believed to be terrorizing and torturing children. Across North America, there were hundreds of false allegations, scores of criminal trials and countless lives torn apart, but never any real proof. Here's why that fear spread.

Season 6: Satanic Panic

In the '80s, Satanic cults were believed to be preying on kids, terrorizing them in dark rituals. There were horrifying allegations. Criminal trials. Lives torn apart. Yet, no solid proof. So what happened?

'Don't mess with us': Family of the 'Cat Lady' seeks justice in Muskoka mystery of missing seniors

Two decades after Joan Lawrence disappeared in Ontario’s cottage country, CBC Podcasts has found relatives of the isolated senior who went missing along with three others in mysterious circumstances.

5 questions with Michelle Shephard, host of Uncover: Sharmini

Twenty years ago today Sharmini Anandavel's remains were discovered. Journalist Michelle Shephard answers questions about the case she's been investigating since 1999.

Season 5: Sharmini

On June 12, 1999, 15-year-old Sharmini Anandavel disappeared on her way to a job. Four months later her remains were found in a North York ravine. Host Michelle Shephard revisits the murder two decades after she first covered it as a cub crime reporter at the Toronto Star.

Who killed Sharmini? A suspect is behind bars — but not for the 1999 slaying of Toronto teen

Twenty years ago, 15-year-old Sharmini Anandavel disappeared on her way to a job that police believe didn't exist. Four months later, her remains were found in a Toronto ravine.

Season 4: The Cat Lady Case

In 1998, 77-year-old Joan Lawrence vanished without a trace. All police could find were her 30 cats, shot dead. The case remains unsolved, but unsealed documents and new witnesses are shedding a light on one of cottage country’s darkest crimes.

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