How compassion club founder Hilary Black changed the course of cannabis law in Canada

Hilary Black started out distributing cannabis in Vancouver with a mountain bike and a backpack stuffed with joints. Since then, she's helped set the blueprint for medical cannabis distribution and advocated for legislation in front of a Senate committee.

Bud and Breakfast: Canada's cannabis tourism industry is about to take off

Sean Roby, founder and CEO of Bud and Breakfast, takes us on a tour of the burgeoning cannabis tourism industry, from 'bud bars' to ganja ziplines.

From Polkaroo to Tokaroo: Toronto performer becomes a marijuana mascot

Tokaroo, a weed-themed parody of the the popular Canadian children's character Polkaroo, was created by Mark Scott — the performer who embodied Polkaroo for 22 years during promotional events.

34 years before legalization, New Brunswick's premier was tried for pot possession

As the New Brunswick government enters the legal marijuana business on Wednesday, it's a big about-face for a province that once tried its own premier for possession.

Toronto man with pot convictions says a pardon isn't enough to clear his name

Toronto carpenter Kani Malale says his marijuana convictions have made it hard for him to travel or find work — and he's not sure a pardon will make it any better.

The CBC on pot: Chronicling decades of cannabis coverage

With cannabis legalization now in effect, take a look back at how the CBC has covered pot over the span of several decades.

Proud Newfoundland dad explains what it was like to buy legal weed from his son

​At one minute past midnight Wednesday in Newfoundland, Thomas H. Clarke sold weed to his dad.

The CBC on pot: Chronicling decades of cannabis coverage

With cannabis legalization now in effect, take a look back at how the CBC has covered pot over the span of several decades.

How do you talk to your kids about cannabis? First, know the facts

Ottawa Public Health nurses have been running information sessions for parents about how to talk to kids about cannabis in the lead up to Canada's end of prohibition. Here's how to inform your kids about marijuana use.

Newfoundlander once jailed for pot charge makes his 1st legal cannabis sale

"I can't wait to sell weed tonight," says Thomas H. Clarke, who was once arrested for selling cannabis, told As It Happens before the big moment.

'Legalization 1.0': Cannabis is legal now, but what problems still need to be solved?

The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti hosted a town hall event to discuss the road to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, and the bumps that still lie in the road ahead.

What Canada can learn about legal pot from Colorado

Cannabis will be legal and regulated across Canada tomorrow, but Colorado has a four-year head start on ending prohibition. Host Geoff Turner travelled to Colorado to see what legalization looks like.

Five surprising things we learned about cannabis from our experts

Why the legalization of marijuana may make it less addictive and more myth busting

Everything you want to know about pot: Your questions answered

The lowdown on getting high from CBC's White Coat, Black Art.
Dr. Goldman's blog

If pot use increases, government should amend legislation, says CMAJ

An editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says Canada should actively monitor the use of cannabis following legalization. Dr.Brian Goldman (@NightshiftMD) explains why.

Indigenous communities hope to cash in on cannabis, but how they'll do it is unclear

Despite legalization, issues such as revenue sharing and a lack of funding for community safety are roadblocks for Indigenous-led cannabis businesses.

How do you feel about marijuana legalization?

When cannabis becomes legal across the country next week, a new reality will hit every corner of your life — at school, on campus, at work, in your backyard and on the road.
Bob McDonald's blog

Canada's cannabis experiment: Scientists are excited about legalization

The end of prohibition opens the door to research to understand this fascinating plant

'We can mitigate the consequences': How parents are grappling with legal pot

With just days until cannabis is legalized in Canada, some parents are struggling with how to talk about it with their kids. Meanwhile, others see it as an opportunity for open dialogue.

Rosie Rowbotham landed Canada's longest sentence for dealing pot, but he's not cheering legalization

In 1985, Robert 'Rosie' Rowbotham was sentenced to 20 years for smuggling cannabis. But instead of celebrating legalization, he's stung by the hypocrisy of having the people who helped jail him cash in on the industry.

Oct.13, 2018: The Great Canadian Ganja Experiment

Quirks & Quarks explores the science of cannabis now that our entire country is legalizing it for recreational use.

Addiction and cannabis: it's real and this is what you need to know about it

A user's propensity to becoming addicted varies according to their genetics, age, and personal history

Cannabis in a van: American researchers get creative to study high potency products

High potency marijuana products result in a quicker buzz, but come with unknown health risks

Cultivating cannabis: 5 tips on how to grow your own a bit better at home

Canada’s first PhD in cannabis horticulture gives growing tips for better bud.

What's in a pot plant? Exploring the genes of your favourite ganja

Forget indica versus sativa — the genetics doesn’t support the distinction