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Hit new board game looks like Canada's best Christmas gift

The hit new board game, Ready? Ready? Go!, is moving towards becoming this year’s best-selling gift.
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The hit new board game, Ready? Ready? Go!, is moving towards becoming this year's best-selling gift. It has already sold more than 100,000 copies in Canada alone. This is That's Pat Kelly sat down with the creator of the game, Lyle Shultz to find out more.

Shultz, who describes the game as "more addictive than smoking cigarettes," found inspiration one evening when attempting to play a board game with his wife. But when they pulled their games from the cupboard, they found that all the pieces were mixed together.

"You've got a piece of the snakes and ladders game, here you've got a trivial pursuit deck, here you've got a dice from a boggle game," he said.

While they weren't able to play any single game, they were able to make a new game out of all the different pieces. That evening, Ready? Ready? Go! was born.

Shultz explains that the board has eight-sides and every player has a tile and an orb. They roll a dice to find out who departs the 'Home Square' first. Then, players draw from a deck of cards consisting of questions and numbers, which dictate how the tile and orb move around the board.

In addition, Shultz says that one player becomes the 'Master Fibber' before arriving at the 'King's Wheel,' where they spin to receive either a wrench, a rope, or a pipe. They then immediately head to the 'Magic Gathering' where another player becomes the 'Minstrel Wizard.'

Listen to the full story to learn about the 'Witches Coven' and find out how 'Jacob's Ladder' and the 'Bag of Shame' affect gameplay.

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