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VIDEO | Finally, an athletic apparel commercial that reflects the workout habits of real people

The GoodEnough™ fitness regime encourages alternative forms of exercise.
Finally, an athletic apparel commercial that reflects the workout habits of real people. 1:22

A new athletic apparel campaign is taking an honest approach to fitness by showing that exercise is a pain in the ass.

No matter how many fitness commercials attempt to inspire physical greatness, the truth is that exercise remains boring, pointless, and really hard.

But unlike conventional advertising strategies, The Good Enough™ campaign understands that you're not an amazing athlete and encourages your mediocrity.

"You just have to get exercise out of the way," the commercial says.

It knows that you're likely going to limp through a couple of pointless exercises before just quitting. And why shouldn't you?

"What's all this for, anyways?" the commercial asks.

The progressive campaign shows that exercise, while not just tiring, is often needlessly complicated. "So just let yourself off the hook," it suggests.  

By encouraging you to listen to that little voice inside your head that constantly tells you to quit, the Good Enough™ campaign promotes an honest assessment of your athletic ability.

"There's so much more you'd rather be doing," the commercial reminds.

So be realistic, says the new campaign. Before you're finished your next exercise, you too can feel empowered to proudly proclaim: "That was Good Enough™ for today."


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