This consulting company works out of a swimming pool

Karma Lab Consulting is North America’s first fully aquatic work environment.
Modern offices use architecture to inspire creativity, but this office is taking that idea to the next level. 3:21

When it comes to making a splash in the world of office architecture, one firm is laps ahead. Karma Lab Consulting is North America's first fully aquatic work environment. The entire office operates out of a pool.

Featuring deep end cubicles, meetings in the sauna, and hot tub conference calls, this water workspace is doing wonders for productivity, says CEO John Schultz.

Just save the cannonballs for lunch, he warns. While he encourages his employees to have fun while working in the office pool, he's also focused on improving the business.

"When people are happy where they work, they get more done," Schultz says. "When employees are thinking outside the box, that's when our productivity goes up, and that's ultimately when our profit goes up."

Amy Miller, a part of the sales the team and a big fan of the floating loungers, loves working at Karma Lab Consulting. One of her favourite things is the casual Friday policy, when employees are encouraged to wear less formal bathing attire at the pool.

"A couple of guys like to rock a thong and that's cool," she says.

Watch the video to see how this aquatic work environment encourages collaboration, productivity, and creativity.