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The Dark Side of Cross Country Skiing

New film exposes the dark side of professional cross-country skiing

New film exposes the dark side of professional cross-country skiing

You'll never look at Cross Country Skiing the same way again. 3:38

Cross Country Carnage is a new documentary that reveals the seedy underbelly of professional cross-country skiing. The film stars Dave Thorberson, a former champion, who seeks to reform his life and challenge the popular narrative around cross-country skiing.

"Everybody thinks that cross-country skiing is this wholesome sport that celebrates the outdoors, but they don't know about the drugs, the partying, the money," he says from his prison cell.

Thorberson, who made a fortune cross-country skiing, isolated himself from his family and fell victim to the ruthless business side of the sport. Ultimately, he was incarcerated after a night of chaotic partying.

"The people who run cross-country, they don't care what happens to the skiers because they know everyone wants to be one. If they lose one, it doesn't matter because there's always someone next in line."

Now, Thorberson is confronting his demons and hoping that Cross Country Carnage will hold those in power to account.

"I just want people to know the truth, the truth about cross-country skiing," he says.

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