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BC Parents' Association seeks to ban classroom pets

Citing concerns over distracted students, the British Columbia Parents’ Association is seeking to ban all classroom pets in the province.

This Is That Live - 2018/19 Tour Dates

Have you always wanted to write for This Is That? Do you think you're funnier that Peter and Pat? Well, this fall and winter will be your chance to prove it.

This is possibly the worst app to ever hit the "gig economy"

As the marketplace for applications becomes increasingly overcrowded, a new Canadian app aims to offer a solution by offering every imaginable service.

BC man wins The Great Canadian Whistling Challenge using his nose

When Freddy Warburton burst onto the whistling scene last year, critics were skeptical of his unconventional approach. But after winning The Great Canadian Whistling Challenge, he’s proving his detractors wrong.

Canadians react to Toronto street hot dog as new national dish

We received lots of feedback for a story we did last week about the Toronto street hot dog becoming Canada’s national food item. Here's what real Canadians had to say about the story.

Classroom Pet Ban, Nose Whistling Champion, Little Buddy App

We learn about a new movement to remove all pets from British Columbia’s classrooms, we meet Canada’s whistling champion, and we explore the working conditions of app workers.

World's first drive-thru dentist opens in Medicine Hat

For the past six-months, Medicine Hat’s Dr. Roy Link has been shaking things up with his drive-thru dentistry practice. “I’m very busy and I do a lot of things from my car,” says Link, “So why can’t I fix teeth from a car?”

Canada's National Dish is now the Toronto street hot dog

According to Toronto MP Lloyd Jansen, Canada’s national dish is now the street hot dog. He was tasked with choosing what food item would represent Canada on the world stage after concerns about the country not having an identifiable dish were raised in Parliament.

Canada's National Dish, Pot Dispensary Sitcom, Drive-Thru Dentist

We speak with a disgruntled politician who believes it’s time for Canada to have a national dish, we meet the creator of Canada’s first-ever comedy series set in a marijuana dispensary, and we talk with the country’s first and only drive-thru dentist.

Move over Corner Gas, Canada's next big sitcom is set in a pot dispensary

If you’re craving more great Canadian television in the mold of Corner Gas and Kim’s Convenience, then you’re in for a real treat. Pat Kelly sat down with Gary Simmons, the creator of the new sitcom Bud Buddies, to discuss his new show.

Canadians react to activist group demanding all Canadian politicians wear body cams

We received lots of feedback for a story we did last week about an activist group demanding that all Canadian politicians wear body cams. Here's what real Canadians had to say about the story.

Online mattress retailer admits new line of mattress is causing nightmares

When a Canadian mattress manufacturer entered into the billion-dollar online industry last winter, the company promised two things: A quality Canadian made product, and a good night’s rest. They’ve failed significantly on the latter half of that promise.

Activist group demands that all Canadian politicians wear body cameras

Would you like to know what your local member of parliament is doing 24-hours a day? Activist Terry Toby certainly would. That’s why he’s proposing that Canadian politicians in Ottawa wear body cameras in order to increase transparency and ensure accountability.

Alberta's most prolific but least successful country musician calls it quits after 50 years

It’s well know what happens when a music legend retires: Audiences flock to the last shows, the sales of the final album skyrocket, and critics elegize the last moments of a storied career. But what happens when an unremarkable local musician decides to call it quits?

Canadians react to an Edmonton bride that wants federal tax break for her wedding

We received lots of feedback for a story we did last week about an Edmonton bride who wants the Canadian government to give her a tax break for the cost of her wedding. Here's what real Canadians had to say about the story.

Politician Body Cams, Nightmare Mattress, A Cowboy's Farewell

This week: We hear from an activist that’s fighting for Canadian politicians to wear body cams, we find out why a mattress is giving people nightmares, and we join a relatively unknown country singer playing his final show in a Lethbridge bar.

This Is That returns with new season Sept 6

Starting Sept 6, 2018, Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring return with the 9th season of their award winning, satirical current affairs show.

Selfie Ban, Lullaby Writer, National Rehearsal Centre, Butterfingers

An Ontario MPP is in hot water for taking selfies. We hang out with Canada’s most popular lullaby songwriter. We speak to a pundit who feels Canada needs a National Rehearsal Centre. Peter Oldring profiles the national "butterfingers" community.

Grade 6 Casino, MeatMe, 'Canadian' in Australia, Running of the Bulls

This week: We profile a new app that lets you share meat. We find out why the term Canadian is offensive in Australia. Meet a man who wants to bring the ‘Running of the Bulls’ to Thunder Bay.

Neil Young, Busking Robot, Skipping Across Canada, Orchestra Dads

A Hollywood movie claims Neil Young was born in California. Canadian inventor invents a busking robot. Ontario man is jumping rope across Canada. Are "Orchestra Dads" worse than "Hockey Moms"?

Saskatchewan Kissing, Sax Laureate, Yoga Fraud, Top of the Morning Canada

The government of Saskatchewan is rolling out a new program to teach teens hot to kiss. We meet Canada's first Saxophone Laureate. An Ontario man is suing the yoga industry for fraud. We go behind the scenes on Canada's most cut-throat breakfast TV show.

Boot camp ban, celebrity commencement speeches, largest mass divorce

This week: We talk with a person who wants to ban group exercise in all of Toronto’s public parks, we find out the secret behind viral celebrity commencement speeches, and we visit a town in Manitoba that’s trying to organize the world’s largest mass divorce.

'O Canada' on Flights, Password Protection, Prison Punchlines

This week: We speak with a Canadian who started a petition to make singing the national anthem mandatory before all domestic flights, we talk to a security expert about how strong passwords can protect your identity, and we visit a prison that’s using standup comedy as a tool to rehabilitate inmates.

Tim Horton's Bread Bowl, Drop-Ocalypse Nightmare, Life on Repeat

This week: We speak with the person who’s suing Tim Hortons for taking the bread bowl off the menu, we find out what life is like after being stuck on an amusement park ride for 48 hours, and we talk to a man who has had the same song stuck in his head for six years.

MMA for Kids, Prehistoric Sandwich, DVD Alberta

This week: We look into Red Deer, Alberta’s decision to put MMA octagons in city parks. Could an ancient object found deep within the ice of the Canadian Arctic be the world’s oldest sandwich? And we visit DVD, Alberta to see how they’re dealing with the loss of their only industry.