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Goodbye Canada!

The Live, Improvised, and Last Episode

This week: For our last episode ever, we’re performing live from the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and improvising the entire show from audience suggestions

Canadian government to make fruitcake illegal

According to a representative from the Canadian Ministry of Seasonal Desserts, fruitcake is now illegal due to its extreme lack of popularity.

This Is That Live - 'Farewell Tour' Dates

Have you always wanted to write for This Is That? Do you think you're funnier that Peter and Pat? Well, this fall and winter will be your last chance to prove it.

Canadian becomes the world's first person to apologize for being hit by a car

Russ Howard, a resident of Lethbridge, Alberta, has become the first person in the world to apologize after struck by a motor vehicle.

Irving Spence discusses his new book

Canada’s greatest author, and a regular guest of the program, Irving Spence has written a new book entitled Bunny Hug.

Canada agrees that Regina has to go

A national survey has revealed that all Canadians agree that Regina, Saskatchewan should no longer be a part of Canada.

The government of Canada makes saying 'Thank You' illegal

The new initiative, which will forever change the way that Canadians express appreciation for each other, will make Canada more inclusive, says its staunchest proponent, Heather Tiffany Anderson.

This is That presents 'The Christmas Letter'

After librarian Dorothy Shunt finds an old letter written to Santa hidden inside an encyclopedia, she becomes compelled to find its author. When she discovers that the letter was in fact written over 30 years ago by a boy with a wish, the story then becomes much more than just about a letter and a librarian.

Canada wants to create its own royal family

Although Canada has famous families like the Gretzkys, the Molsons, and the Mansbridges, no Canadian family has yet been designated as royalty. But that might be about to change.

Canadian airports to add free medical checkups to security screenings

In an effort to better serve travelers passing through Canadian airports, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority will be offering free medical information with every security screening.

RCMP to launch food delivery service to compete with Uber Eats and DoorDash

Due to budget cuts, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are now offering a food delivery service to supplement their operating costs. The initiative, called RCMP Eats, allows for officers who aren’t currently responding to a call to deliver takeout food to hungry Canadians.

Canadian highways to introduce new lane for anxious drivers

If you’re currently uncomfortable with the lane options available to you on Canadian highways, then you’ll appreciate the new pilot program being introduced by Chancy Holt, the Deputy Minister of Canadian Highways.

Canadians shocked to learn Canada's walk of fame features many Americans

Canada’s Walk of Fame is a list of names that spans thirteen blocks in the heart of downtown Toronto. They’re supposed to represent the best and brightest stars in Canadian film, television, and music, but many visitors are upset to discover that the list is full of Americans.

The Audience Episode

We look into the stories suggested by our listeners. The RCMP is launching an on-demand food delivery service like Uber Eats. You can now get a free medical check-up at Canadian airport security. There’s a growing movement of people who want a Canadian Royal Family. Plus, many more suggestions!

Yarmouth Police to be all mannequins by 2021

For the past few years, the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia has been exploring an innovative solution to the problem of rising police costs. They’ve been integrating the presence of mannequins dressed as police officers into their operations.

This Is That has a roundtable discussion on fake news

Fake news is a spectre haunting the Canadian media landscape. In This Is That’s final season, we’re addressing the issue head on.

Behind the scenes with Canada's greatest jingle writers

For the last few decades, the Canadian jingle writing industry has been dominated by the collaborative force of two prodigious artists: Tip and Tag.

Police Mannequins, Fake News, Jingle Kings

We check back in with the Yarmouth police chief who is transitioning his force from humans to mannequins, we discuss the impact of fake news on Canada, we speak with our head writer Mike Balazo, and we pay a visit to Canada’s greatest jingle writers.

Alberta town creates its own accent to attract tourists

The Canadian tourism industry is worth 17-billion dollars and the town of High Prairie, Alberta is desperate to get some of that money. In an effort to encourage tourism, the town has launched an initiative to create its own accent.

Canadian tries to bring running of the bulls to Thunder Bay

After returning from a trip to Spain, Rudy Parsons came home to Canada with a vision to awaken the spirit of his city. He wanted to recreate the running of the bulls in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

City of Winnipeg overwhelmed by International Pen Festival

When the bid was tendered two years ago, few believed that Winnipeg, Manitoba actually stood a chance of attracting the world’s largest celebration of pens. But to great surprise, the city won the coveted contest and has been preparing ever since.

New Alberta Accent, Winnipeg Pen Fest, Ontario Running of the Bulls

We look back on all the tourism stories we’ve covered on the show. We hear from an Alberta town creating its own accent, we find out about this year’s International Pen Festival in Winnipeg, and we meet a man who hopes to bring Spain’s running of the bulls to Thunder Bay.

Alberta bike share still searching for its only bike

When we last spoke with Harold Bruce—the founder of a Stetler, Alberta’s only bike share program—we learned that their only available bike had gone missing.

Alberta couple fighting to keep pet buffalo in their home

When Jim and Darlene were married, they received an unusual gift. An eccentric uncle gave the couple a baby buffalo. Now, after many years of happy marriage, they’re fighting to keep their 2,000-pound pet in their home.