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Boss with a heart of gold pays for his employee's funeral

Doc - The right thing to do: When one of his employees dies suddenly, Ross McLeod learns there are no friends or family members to make funeral arrangements. He steps up, to do the right thing.
Ross McLeod (left) and pallbearers with Wayne McAllister's coffin (Photo by Karin Wells)

When Ross McLeod, owner and CEO of Intelligarde Security, climbed out of his dentist's chair last spring, the hygienist picked up his chart and asked him to confirm his next of kin. An elderly patient had nearly died in the chair a few weeks earlier. There had been no one, no relative, no friend - to contact in case of emergency.

Ten days later, Ross McLeod got a call from the Humber River Hospital in Toronto. One of his employees, a 65-year-old security guard, had died. Once again there was no known next of kin. And when the police went through his cellphone there were only three contacts, two other security guards and the scheduling department of the company. 

Wayne McAllister had worked for Ross McLeod for 25 years. He was a bit of a rogue. A likeable fellow never short of a joke or a story, a guy who scrambled his way through life. He died $40,000 in debt. Mr. McAllister was destined for what used to be called a pauper's grave and a city-subsidized funeral. So Ross McLeod stepped up to the plate. 
Karin Wells' documentary is entitled "The Right Thing to Do".

This documentary first aired in September.


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