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The incredible lightness of being without almost everything - an Ashley Walters documentary

Three people who have not just decluttered their lives and their living spaces; they have dispensed with almost everything.

BC Seniors build a new way to age in place - a Karin Wells documentary

A bold way to live. As they age, people are coming together to build their own communities, make their own rules. It's called co-housing. It's big in BC and gaining ground across North America.

Gay dads make legal history and create an extraordinary family - an Alisa Siegel documentary

The story of the first gay couple in Canada to co-adopt two children.

"I Want My Own Room" - an Alisa Siegel documentary

Sophie and Faye, two sisters, 7 and 9, share a bedroom. And they both want out. They have launched a campaign to make it happen.

Utopia on the prairie

Craig Desson takes us to Palmer, Saskatchewan, a small farming community which is being brought back to life by a group of under-employed university graduates from Ontario.

The itinerant life

Amy Attas is at home...wherever she finds herself. And in the course of any given year, she finds herself in a lot of places....

Living apart together

From kids who couch-surf to those who dream of radical rest homes, we all need the right living arrangements.Recently, we launched a series about human architecture: new ways of living alone and together and you told us about interesting experiments that are under way...from the islands of B.C., to urban Ontario and rural Quebec, even one in a deep dark...

Radical Resthomes

Radical Resthomes - it sounds like an oxymoron. But that's the idea -- to be radically different from the stereotype.Aren't seniors' residences boring places for bingo, movie afternoons, and white bread sandwiches with the crusts cut off? Or worse still, prisons for the incarcerated elderly?  Not in Janet Torge's world....

Couch living

We begin a new series on the program, called Living Arrangements. The first episode introduces us to young people who have taken to "couch living". (not couch-surfing; couch living!)

An invitation to contribute

Living arrangements that really work - for the old, for the young and for everyone in between - are hard to fashion. Finding the right architectural and human design, the right amount of togetherness or solitude can be a life-long challenge....

Baba Yaga's House

Thérèse Clerc, the founder of Baba Yaga House, died on February 16, 2016