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David Frum's Republican soul is having a very dark night

The Canadian conservative, former speechwriter for George W. Bush and senior editor of The Atlantic magazine says Donald Trump's nomination represents an institutional failure inside the Republican Party. Frum looks back on the events of a very Trumpian week with Michael.
David Frum speaks to CBC News from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Talin Vartanian)

Prominent conservative and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum won't say what he'll be doing on November 8 this year — but he knows he won't be voting for Donald Trump. 

"I became a conservative because I was so fearful of what Jimmy Carter was doing to American leadership in the world. To have the candidate of Ronald Reagan's party saying the NATO defence is an option, a suggestion, that the sacred word of the United States may be honoured, and may not be honoured...that's so shattering to me," he told Michael Enright.

"It takes a lot time to process, because the ground under your feet has moved so unexpectedly and dramatically."

Frum spoke with Michael about what he thinks went wrong and where his party goes from here just after Donald Trump addressed crowds at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night. 

At this point, I don't want to see the divisions in the Republican Party brought together, because the only way to unite the party is to unite it under Donald Trump, and that would be a scandal and a disgrace. - David Frum

Click the button above to hear Michael's conversation with David Frum in Cleveland. 


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