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Everything you could possibly want to know about Cornish pasties

Michael found himself in a spot of bother seven years ago when he betrayed his ignorance of Cornish pasties — what they are, what’s inside them and how to pronounce them (they rhyme with “nasty,” not “tasty”). Indignant letters from expatriate Brits swiftly ensued. Dr. Andrew Pocock — then the British High Commissioner to Ottawa — set Michael straight in this rollicking interview from January 2012.
When Michael Enright mispronounced "Cornish pasty," legions of indignant ex-patriate Brits wrote to the show, informing him that they rhyme with "nasty," not "tasty." (

When you've been on the air for 20 seasons, there will be memories of the odd occasion when things were not quite right.

Michael Enright found himself in a spot of bother some years ago over one of the finer points of English cuisine — which is not, it turns out, an oxymoron. 

In 2012, during The Sunday Edition's quiz show to usher in the new year, he betrayed his ignorance of Cornish pasties — what they are, what's inside them, and how to pronounce "pasty."

Legions of indignant ex-patriate Brits sent letters, incredulous that Michael had never eaten one. They also corrected his pronunciation: pasty rhymes with "nasty," not "tasty."

To set things straight, we turned to Dr. Andrew Pocock, the British High Commissioner to Canada at the time. It was a delicious and memorable conversation, that first aired in January, 2012. 

Click 'listen' above to hear the interview. 


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