The Sunday Edition

Remembering Alistair MacLeod; Sexual assault and the law; In praise of the theremin; WW1 - "What for?" and "Vimyism"

This week on The Sunday Edition, November 9, 2014:...
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This week on The Sunday Edition, November 9, 2014:

Remembering Alistair MacLeod: (00:30) In this week's essay, Michael reflects on the loss of the great writer Alistair MacLeod, whose final book, Remembrance, has just been published to coincide with Remembrance Day. 

How to fix a broken system:  (05:08) A consensus is building that our justice system is failing victims of sexual assault. Four experts in the field join Michael with their thoughts on how to make things better for women who wish to come forward.

Coup de grace: (57:17) Mispronouncing a French word on last week's show landed Michael "dans l'eau chaude" with listeners, and with Odette Gough, a colleague from Radio-Canada.

Mail: (1:02:01) Michael's interview with Dr.James Orbinski on the Ebola crisis prompted many listeners to write to the program.

Documentary - "Out of Thin Air":  (1:05:34) The eerie, ethereal musical instrument known as the theremin seems to be having a bit of a mainstream moment in Canada.

Two takes on World War I - "For What?" and "Vimyism": (1:29:40) Two eminent historians grapple with the legacy of the deadly carnage that killed 16 million people. David Stevenson of the London School of Economics looks at the advent of industrial warfare. Ian McKay of Queen's University says the federal government is spending $83 million to glorify the battle of Vimy Ridge as the moment when Canada became a nation.


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