The Sunday Edition

Optimism in the face of a world gone mad - Michael's Essay; Clive James; Mackenzie King - Archives; Doc - Exploitation in the Ivory Tower

The Sunday Edition, September 7, 2014, with Michael Enright ...
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The Sunday Edition, September 7, 2014, with Michael Enright 

Optimism in the face of a world gone mad - Michael's Essay:  (00:37) While driving his son to university, Michael reflected on the madness of events around the world.

Clive James: (07:36) To kick off the season, Michael in conversation with one of the greatest cultural minds of our time. James, the Australian-born poet, critic, memoirist and television host is 74, and battling leukaemia and emphysema. But his wit is as sharp and energetic as ever.

William Lyon Mackenzie King - from our archives: (45:21) 75 years ago this week, Canada joined Britain in its fight against Nazi Germany. We rebroadcast the solemn announcement of 1939, which was made live on CBC Radio by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Documentary - Exploitation in the Ivory Tower: (49:25) In Economics 101, they might call it a new-fangled form of feudalism. Wage slavery. Certainly a caste system. The modern Canadian university is quietly kept afloat by low-paid, contract teachers with no job security or benefits. Now some of those on academia's bottom rung think it's time to share the dirty little secret. Which they Ira Basen's documentary called "Class Struggle."


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