The Sunday Edition

Karin Wells

Karin Wells, CBC Radio documentary producer and guest host for The Sunday Edition
Karin Wells

​Our guest host for the programs of August 30 and September 6, 2015, is Sunday Edition documentary producer Karin Wells. Karin is an award-winning documentary maker, who also works as a mentor with aspiring young doc makers who are just beginning their careers.

Karin's documentary work has been varied and internationally recognized. Trained as a lawyer, she has produced documentaries on subjects as diverse as post-conflict resolution in Mozambique and the rehabilitation of jihadi fighters in Denmark, to opera in the English countryside. She has reported from more than 50 countries over the course of her career, citing the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia as the coldest and the deserts of Eritrea as the hottest!

Most  recently Karin has produced documentaries on the rise of anti-semitism in Sweden, and a B.C. family's fight to allow their mother to die.

This fall, you will hear her feature-length documentary "My Last Big Adventure"  about a new and very independent living arrangement by, with and for older people in BC.  

Karin's work has been frequently recognized by the New York Radio Festivals. She has received two United Nations media awards; one for her work out of Sierra Leone, and in 2013, for her documentary on dealing with dementia in Denmark.

In 2011, Karin Wells was inducted into the University of Ottawa Common Law Honour society.