The Next Chapterwith Shelagh Rogers


Full episode: Sept. 17, 2018

On the latest edition of The Next Chapter, Shelagh Rogers talks to Lisa Moore, Elizabeth Hay, Candy Palmater, Dan Mangan and more.

Why economic anxiety inspired Lisa Moore's new short story collection

The celebrated author spoke with Shelagh Rogers about Something for Everyone.

Elizabeth Hay makes peace with her mother's food and father's anger

The award-winning novelist from Ottawa, Ont. talks about her new memoir, All Things Consoled, which is about taking care of her elderly parents.

As she turns 50, Candy Palmater rethinks her reading list

The comedian worries about how she'll finish reading her vast collection of books and what she'll be focusing on in the years to come.
Bedside Books

Dan Mangan on why he recommends The Heretics

Dan Mangan on why he loved reading an unconventional memoir by Will Storr.

Why Catherine Hernandez writes

In this special CBC Books series, the author discusses her creative mindset.

Aaron Williams chronicles his experiences fighting forest fires in Chasing Smoke

As a veteran firefighter on the West Coast, Aaron Williams has written a gritty and danger-filled account about facing raging wildfires in B.C.

Full episode: Sept. 10, 2018

On the latest edition of The Next Chapter, Shelagh Rogers talks to David Chariandy, Claudia Dey and more.

How the fashion and music of the 1980s inspired Claudia Dey's eerie new novel, Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker is about a teenage girl named Pony in 1985, living in a remote town with strict rules and limited contact with the outside world.

How a moment of bigotry sparked David Chariandy's memoir on race

The author talks to Shelagh Rogers about new memoir, I've Been Meaning to Tell You.
Proust Questionnaire

Anne Michaels shares her favourite characters in fiction

The novelist, poet and nonfiction writer answers the Proust Questionnaire.

Why fans of The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach should read The Good Body by Bill Gaston

Columnist Angie Abdou identifies a Canadian novel to read for fans of Chad Harbach's critically acclaimed baseball novel.

Why Mauricio Segura wrote a novel based on the real life of famed pianist Oscar Peterson

The author of Oscar talks to Shelagh Rogers about his latest book.

Priscila Uppal explores her mother's abandonment and sudden reappearance

For two decades, Priscila Uppal heard nothing from her mother who had run off to Brazil. One day, she discovered her mother's website and decided to contact her.

Vivek Shraya chronicles the pain and beauty of growing up outside gender norms

The artist and writer talks to Shelagh Rogers about her extended essay, I'm Afraid of Men.

Why Uzma Jalaluddin wrote a Muslim, modern-day update of Pride and Prejudice

The voracious reader didn't see many stories about Muslims growing up, so she wrote the novel Ayesha at Last.

Rachel Giese wants us to re-examine how we raise boys

The journalist talks about her new book, Boys: What It Means to Become a Man.

Why Canisia Lubrin reads and re-reads Dionne Brand's 'pristine' long poem Inventory

The poet and author of Voodoo Hypothesis calls Dionne Brand 'a magician of language.'

If you liked Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere, you'll love...

The Next Chapter columnist Victor Dwyer reveals why Angel Falls by Tim Wynveen is the perfect Canadian companion to Celeste Ng's bestseller.

Full episode: Sept. 3, 2018

On the premiere of The Next Chapter's 11th season, Shelagh Rogers talks to Vivek Shraya, Rachel Giese and more.

How Omar El Akkad unintentionally mirrors the U.S. political climate in his new book

Set in the near future, Omar El Akkad's debut novel American War envisions a world where government restrictions on fossil fuels have sparked a second Civil War in the United States.
Proust Questionnaire

Cartoonist Jeff Lemire shares the artists who inspire him and his perfect idea of happiness

The graphic novelist and cartoonist behind Secret Path and Essex County answers the Proust Questionnaire.
Dog-Eared Reads

Why poet Kai Cheng Thom re-reads a 1980s YA fantasy series every year

The author of the poetry collection, a place called No Homeland, talks about the role Tamora Pierce's YA fantasy series The Song of the Lioness played in her life.
Books + Music

Treasa Levasseur on why Rheostatics named an album after Paul Quarrington's novel Whale Music

The singer-songwriter shares the real story behind the connection between the novel and the album of the same name.

How spending 20 years in a small P.E.I. community inspired Hilary MacLeod's murder mystery series

The author talks about the village that inspired her Shores mysteries series.