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Why Kingston-based musician Will Hunter says True North by Bernie Finkelstein hits home

Musician Will Hunter of the band Kasador on Bernie Finkelstein's memoir.
Will Hunter of the band Kasador talks about True North by Bernie Finkelstein. (CBC/McClelland & Stewart)

Will Hunter is the frontman of Canadian indie rock band Kasador. He talks about the book he recently read, the memoir True North by Bernie Finkelstein.

On the music scene

"It's an autobiography about Bernie's creation of True North Records, which was a record company that started in the late 1960s and specialized in acoustic and folk music. It's stories about Bernie's life in the music industry through the late 1960s into modern day when he sold the company, in about 2008."

On the artistry

"The book is mostly about passion and the driving force behind the music industry, which is the art itself. I think that was the big takeaway. There are lots of funny stories about 1970s drug use and those misadventures, but it's just a group of passionate people working hard at something that they love and I think that hit home for me and what we've been trying to do with the band. I see that drive in everyone we've worked with because if you're in it for anything other than the love of the art or the misadventures of touring, then it's not going to work. So it's cool to see that that has held its own since the 1960s. That's the point that doesn't change, whereas everything else has changed in the industry."

Will Hunter's comments have been edited and condensed.