Why Emma Knight's cookbook is a love letter to vegetables

How the co-author of The Greenhouse Cookbook overcame her preconceived notions about cold-pressed juice and wrote a cookbook celebrating vegetables.
Emma Knight is the co-founder of The Greenhouse Juice Company. (Nathan Legiehn)

A few years ago, Emma Knight discovered the benefits of cold-press juice and was hooked. She co-founded The Greenhouse Juice Company, and now has co-authored The Greenhouse Cookbook, which, along with juice, has plant-based food recipes.

This interview originally aired on Dec. 4, 2017.

Initial impressions

"The first time I discovered cold-pressed juice, I was immensely skeptical. It was this expensive, green liquid that looked like something you should be using as dish detergent. My partner, Anthony Green, thought this was a miraculous way to keep your energy high while looking out for your long-term health. So I opened a bottle of the juice and was hit by the pungent smell of kale. Over the next few hours, I felt this smooth warmth that energized me in a physical and mental way. Since there was nothing like this in Toronto at the time, we wanted to create our ideal cold-press juice shop in our home town."   

Reappraising vegetables

"The Greenhouse Cookbook: Plant-Based Eating and DIY Juicing is a love letter to vegetables. It has 100 plant-based recipes, all gluten free. You don't have to be plant-based or gluten free to love it. It's not about giving up food for juice. The message is more plants, more often. We want to move plants from the sidelines to the centre of the plate. Our footprint is smaller when we prioritize plants."

Emma Knight's comments have been edited and condensed.