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Why Stacey May Fowles is always inspired by Roger Angell's game-changing baseball book

The author of Baseball Life Advice explains why she re-reads Roger Angell's 1972 classic, The Summer Game.
Stacey May Fowles, the author of Baseball Life Advice, explains why she re-reads Roger Angell's The Summer Game every season. (N. Maxwell Lander/Bison Books)

In her passionate ode to the sport and its culture, Stacey May Fowles, the author of Baseball Life Advice, explores how we can use the game to better understand ourselves. When Fowles isn't writing about baseball, she is reading about it. Her go-to baseball book of choice is Roger Angell's The Summer Game — a book that changed sports journalism.

Every year when I go to spring training, I pack it in my luggage and I thumb through it while I'm taking in games. It always stays fresh for me. I love it so much. I truly believe that Roger Angell is the greatest sports writer who ever lived and he's still alive. It's so inspiring to read such beautiful writing on the game of baseball from a fan's perspective. He has a real love of the game that he doesn't hide. It's very reassuring to read someone who is so incredible also write from a place of care and love for this game. 

Stacey May Fowles' comments have been edited and condensed.