The Next Chapter

Terry O'Reilly, David Alexander Robertson, Stacey May Fowles

The authors discuss advertising, age appropriate storytelling and baseball.
The host of CBC Radio's Under the Influence shares insider insights from his latest book about the world of advertising. (Sidney O'Reilly/Knopf)

On this episode: (1) Terry O'Reilly lays out the fundamentals to good marketing strategy in his new book (2) Why David Alexander Robertson wrote a children's book about Canada's residential schools (3) Great book recommendations for young readers from the children's book panel (4) Why Stacey May Fowles is always inspired by Roger Angell's game-changing baseball book (5) How Lesley Choyce found inspiration in nursing homes and surfing to write his 90th book (6) The first book singer-songwriter Christa Couture connected with after her divorce