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Linda Granfield on her student job at the library

The children's book author shares a funny memory of working as a library page in high school.
Granfield's latest book is The Vimy Oaks, a picture book that honours Canadian soldiers who fought in the First World War. (Scholastic Canada/Linda Granfield)

Children's book author Linda Granfield's latest book, The Vimy Oaks: A Journey to Peace, tells the story of Leslie Miller, a man from a small Ontario farming community who left his teaching job when he was 25 years old to fight with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in England and France.

We asked Granfield about the oddest job she ever had. Below, she talks about working as a page at the local library when she was around 14 years old.

One of my jobs was taking care of more than 200 periodicals and magazines that came into the library. I had to put the new one in the cover and take the old copy out, and then I had to put a pocket and card in the old one so it could be circulated. And you always had to tape the binding of the magazine so it wouldn't rip off. One of the magazines we subscribed to for the public was Playboy. As part of my task, I'd have to exchange the new for the old copy of Playboy, which was kept under the countertop in the library. I had to tape the centrefold into the magazine, lest some borrower returned the magazine without the centrefold.

Linda Granfield's comments have been edited and condensed.