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Artist Emmanuel Jal recommends Think and Grow Rich despite its title

The multimedia performer nearly missed the opportunity to enjoy Napoleon Hill’s self-help book.
The activist, author and actor finds more than financial advice in Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. (Courtesy of Emmanuel Jal/TarcherPerigee)

Emmanuel Jal found inspiration in a self-help book written during the Great Depression. The author of War Child: A Child Soldier's Story explains how Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich illuminated his trajectory as a recording artist, actor and activist.   

Organizing your thoughts

"Someone told me, 'The things you talk about...there's someone called Napoleon Hill that can structure what you're saying'. I found that really exciting! So I googled who he was and bought Think and Grow Rich. I read it quickly and now I'm going through it slowly. The title threw me off, but the guy told me, 'Don't pay attention to the title because you are not planning to make millions. I want you to learn what's inside.'

"One of the book's quotes that I liked was, 'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind will achieve.' I developed my own philosophies of life and these have helped me heal. Now I want to try to communicate and write my philosophy down so others can read it. When I read this book, it helped me better understand what I am talking about. It helped give structure and create clarity to the formula I am developing." 

Reading to help others

"The highest paid human beings on the planet are thinkers and people who solve problems. To solve problems, you require more information. You have to read and amass many words into your head so that when you have the opportunity to aid and to communicate, you come with profound words. That's why I like to read."

Emmanuel Jal's comments have been edited and condensed.