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Treasa Levasseur reviews Light Lifting

The singer-songwriter talks about the Scotiabank Giller Prize-nominated collection.

Should you read Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod? Treasa Levasseur says yes.

"This book is fantastic. It is a superior read and I would recommend it to anyone, any time. It's a short story collection, and for me to say I got to dive to the very bottom of it, speaks to the writing, the prose, the voices of these various characters. It is a book all about moving through. Every story is in motion, every single one. It is such a wonderful glimpse into life. This book is like walking down a street at dusk and looking into the lit houses and seeing these different lives emerge and wondering about them. It's a dark book, it's an edgy book. It's a quietly desperate book. But it's a book about resilience and about what you do when you are faced with the inescapable. There's a lot of pain in this book, but the pain and the lift, the agony and ecstasy together, are melded so beautifully in this book. It's quite something."

Treasa Levasseur's comments have been edited and condensed.