The Next Chapter

Neil Smith, Michael Jackson's Dangerous

This week on The Next Chapter: playing with the classic coming-of-age storyline. We have a 'never-coming-of-age" novel about a 13-year-old protagonist who has already died, poetry about growing up Sikh in Canada, and a book about Michael Jackson's coming-of-age record "Dangerous".
From the cover of "Boo" by Neil Smith

In this episode:

* Neil Smith on Boo
* Sharanpal Ruprai on Seva
* How I Wrote It: Alix Hawley on All True Not a Lie in It
* Vish Khanna reviews Michael Jackson's Dangerous by Susan Fast
* Brian Francis on his "Ask the Agony Editor" column in Quill and Quire magazine

"All True Not a Lie in It" by Alix Hawley, "Boo" by Neil Smith, "Seva" by Sharanpal Ruprai, "Michael Jackson's Dangerous" by Susan Fast